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There was a reason I chose to live amongst soldiers. The double-talk of this court …

–Kashin to Chaol , Tower of Dawn

Prince Kashin is the fourth-eldest child of Khagan Urus and his wife.


Kashin was born into the Khaganate of the Southern Continent. This meant that he spent his life vying for the throne. Kashin is also the commander of the armies on land. He controls the foot soldiers and the horse-lords.


He seems caring since he sits at his servant's bedside when he fell ill and Yrene healed him. He is his father's fiercest defender. Kashin dislikes the double-talk of court and thus has chosen to live amongst his soldiers. He is not as used to veiling his emotions as his siblings are.

Physical Description

Kashin has dark hair that can be braided back from his broad-planed face. He is handsome, but it's clear that life amongst his troops had rubbed off on him, but not necessarily in a bad way. He is the tallest of the khagan's children. He is broad-shouldered and perhaps more unchecked than his siblings.

Skills and Abilities



Kashin is very enamored with Yrene Westfall, and used to be in love with her. He is loyal to Urus, and is very close to Hasar and Renia.