Josefin Towers was a healer killed during the purge of magic by the King of Adarlan.


Josefin came from a long line of Towers woman gifted with healing magic. She grew up in Fenharrow, near the border of Eyllwe, and learned to speak the language fluently. Eleven years before the Fall of Magic, Josefin encountered a young traveller from Eyllwe who stopped by her cottage and slept with her, before leaving. Josefin raised her daughter by herself in Fenharrow and taught her all she knew of healing.[1]

During the purge of magic, the King of Adarlan executed all magic users, though unbeknownst to everyone this was a way of keeping the Valg from possessing them.[2]

Adarlanian soldiers invaded Fenharrow and came across Yrene and her mother living alone; to protect her daughter, Josefin stabbed one of the soldiers to death and told Yrene to run. Her daughter then watched from the surrounding forest as the soldiers built a stake and burned her mother alive.[1]


As a healer, Josefin was a gentle and caring woman. She valued life very highly, but was willing to break her oath to preserve it in order to save her daughter, who she loved above all else.

Physical description

Josefin had the same golden-brown hair and eyes as her daughter. Her hair however was thicker, bouncier with more curls and her skin a darker shade of brown. She had freckles.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Healing: Josefin possessed healing magic that allowed her to heal wounds and illnesses.
  • Medicinal Knowledge: She was also gifted at herbs and natural medicines, and the medicinal properties of plants.



  • Josefin spoke fluently in Eyllwe, and taught her daughter some of the language.


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