Iskra Yellowlegs was an Ironteeth Witch and a member of the Yellowlegs Clan and the heir to the Yellowlegs.


Iskra is very unhinged, and will murder without thought. She is cutting, cruel, and a borderline sociopath, with no moral compass to speak of.


Heir of Fire

Iskra is introduced in Heir of Fire sending one of her sentinels to the Infirmary who engaged in a brawl with Asterin, one of the Thirteen of Blackbeak Clan.

She was one of the Yellowlegs witches to train with wyverns in the Ferian Gap. During her time in the mountains, she found the Blackbeak Heir, Manon to be loathsome, occassionally trying to rile her with snide comments.

On the day of selection of wyverns, Iskra, because of her hatred, pushed Manon into the pit where the enormous wyvern Titus was fighting Abraxos. Upon inquiry by the Matrons, she was spared by Manon who excused that she slipped into the pit instead.

Iskra selected a bull wyvern named as Fendir.

Iskra whipped Abraxos, which angered Manon and the two began brawling. Iskra was whipped by her mother the Yellowlegs Matron, as punishment.

During the War Games Iskra ordered her wyvern to kill Keelie, the wyvern of the Blue Blood heir, Petrah. Petrah was saved by Manon and Abraxos from falling. Keelie was unable to be saved. Iskra claimed it was an accident. She was furious and humiliated when Manon was made the Wing Leader.

Iskra is left in control of half the Ironteeth witches that will be staying in the Ferian Gap.

Empire of Storms

Iskra leads her half of the Ironteeth witches in the attack on Rifthold. She is furious with Manon for calling an end to the slaughtering and for killing Zelta Yellowlegs, who was a member of her coven, who was about to kill Dorian Havilliard. Rowan Whitethorn kills four Yellowlegs witches as he rescues Dorian.

Upon returning to Morath, Iskra has convinced the Matrons to hold a trial against Manon. Petrah Blueblood stands in support of Manon, against Iskra, as payment for the life debt after Manon saved her during the War Games. The result of the trial is that Manon will live but her Second, Asterin, will not. Asterin is taken to the dungeons for the night, to be executed at sunrise. The Blackbeak Matron allows Iskra to beat and whip Asterin all night. At the execution she claims it was only twelve blows, three for each dead member of the Yellowlegs Clan, but it is clear that is had been many more. Manon calls for the Words of Request in order to save Asterin from a slow and painful death. Over the objections of Iskra, the Blueblood Matron grants the request in return for saving Petrah's life during the War Games. Manon and the Thirteen escape while Iskra is left seething.

Kingdom of Ash

At the battle of Orynth, Iskra led the Yellowleg clan along with the other covens as Morath's aerial legion. Iskra, atop her mount Fendir, attacks Manon and Abraxos in the skies. Fendir clamped his jaw around Abraxos's neck, plummeting the two of them towards the ground. Fendir releases his grasp on Abraxos when caught off guard by Petrah Blueblood. Petrah goes after Iskra on their wyverns. Petrah encircles Iskra all the way to the ground. Petrah's final words - "For Keelie" (Petrah's first wyvern that Iskra killed during the War Games). Petrah banks away as Iskra and Fendir plummet and crash into the ground, killing both Iskra and her wyvern.

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