Ilium is an ancient port town in Terrasen.


It is said that Ilium used to be the stronghold of the Mycenians, until they were banished three hundred years ago. The Mycenians had ruled not as nobility, but as crime lords. But during some long-ago war, their lethal fleet had been so crucial in winning that they'd been turned legitimate by whatever king ruled at the time. Until they had been excited centuries later for their refusal to come to Terrasen's aid in another war. They disbanded and vanished soon after that. Ancient prophecies claimed that when the last of the Mycenians' sea dragons had died, heartsick to be banished from Terrasen, the Mycenians were truly lost; and only when the sea dragons returned would the Mycenians too.

Ilium was given to Lord Rolfe to rule as part of his payment for the use of his armada, and the Mycenians came back to it.

The town is surrounded by white walls. It rises between the thrashing turquoise sea and the broad mouth of the Florine River. Ilium is as ancient as Terrasen itself, and it would have been forgotten by traders and history were it not for the crumbling temple at the northeastern edge of the city. The temple draws enough pilgrims to keep the town thriving.

The temple is called the Temple of the Stone. It's a stout and spraying temple that was erected on a pale cliff with commanding views of the storm-worn, pretty town behind it and the endless ocean beyond. History claims that the temple was built around the very rock where Brannon Galathynius, the first King of Terrasen, had first placed his foot upon the continent before sailing up the Florine to its source at the base of the Staghorn Mountains.

Empire of Storms

After the sacking of Rifthold, the Lord of Meah, Roland Havilliard's father and one of the most power lords in Adarlan, marched his garrison of troops over the border into Terrasen and claimed Ilium for himself. When Aelin, Aedion, and Lysandra arrive there are fifty soldiers camped there. Aelin is furious and plans to drive them out to send a message.

Notable residents


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