We have come to fulfill our life debt to Celaena Sardothien—to Aelin Galathynius. Where is she?


Ilias is a Silent Assassin and the son of the Mute Master.

Appearance and Character

Ilias has tanned skin, dark hair, dazzling white teeth, and sea-green eyes. Aelin describes him "as desirable as Sam, maybe."


After Aelin's arrival at the keep, he develops a crush on her, to the surprise of some, as he has never showed much interest in girls as he was too busy meditating. According to Ansel, Ilias has a special affection for blondes. He keeps smiling at Aelin. He once saved Ansel during a run, and carried her back into the keep.

Ilias dances with Aelin during the Midsummer's Eve festival. As the moon sets, Ilias follows Aelin back to her bedroom door. He tries to kiss her, but Aelin thinks of Sam and backs away, explaining that a relationship between her and Ilias will not work because of the distance between them. Ilias shrugs and gives a friendly wave to her before going back to his room.


Later, when Ansel betrays the Silent Assassins and coordinates an attack on them with Lord Berick, she stabs Ilias in the stomach while trying to get to the Mute Master. When Aelin gets Ansel to leave, saving Ilias and his father, she rips off strips of her tunic and binds the wound. He survives the night. He and Aelin have yet to meet again.

Towards the ending of Empire of Storms the life debts and promises Aelin would have called upon to gather allies are revealed. Among them, Ilias arrives on the Mute Master's behalf along with a force of Silent Assassins a couple hundreds strong. Summoning the gratitude of saving his and his father's life, Aelin leaves her court with another fragment of the army she had been secretly gathering to stand alongside the Bane and fight Morath's troops.

In Kingdom of Ash when the Lords of Terrasen debated on where to go next, Ilias agrees to stay with the others and their allies despite having the choice to leave. Afterwards when Lysandra is attacked by a Valg, he and Ansel of Briarcliff flank the Valg with the same defensive pose, which they’d learned from the Mute Master, but avoid looking at each other. He among with a few others passed out wine laced with sleeping powder to the Lords of Terrasen’s loyal men to prevent them from stopping the army from leaving. In one of the battles he and the Silent Assassins are mentioned to be shooting ilken out of the sky.

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