House Westfall is the ruling family of the territories on the border with the White Fang Mountains. The family resides in the city of Anielle. The current lord is Chaol's father, with Terrin Westfall as his heir.


Before the expansion of Adarlan, the Westfalls had always struggled with the raids of fierce, wild inhabitants of the White Fang Mountains. The situation changed after the King of Adarlan conquered the Mountains, so that the Lord of Anielle could finally take care of developing his lands. The Westfalls became loyal to Adarlan afterwards.

Lord Westfall had two sons, Chaol and Terrin. Chaol was the heir to Anielle until he abandoned his heirship to become the Captain of the Royal Guard in Rifthold, making Terrin the new heir to Anielle. Lord Westfall was bitter over the loss of his heir, as he considered Terrin too weak to succeed him.

During the second Valg War, Anielle was attacked by a force of 10,000 soldiers from Morath. Lady Westfall, upon realizing the dire situation, gathered up her ladies and left with Terrin, leaving her husband with no knowledge of where she'd gone.

Chaol, having enlisted the help of the khaganate royals from the Southern Continent, diverted the army from its course to defend his homeland, using Westfall Keep as a base to protect the citizens. Morath's force was eventually defeated with help from Aelin Galathynius. In order to quickly move the allied forces to Terrasen, Lord Westfall was forced to give up portions of his land to the Wild Men of the Fangs, an act which greatly pained him as his family had held the White Fangs since before the time of Gavin Havilliard. Lord Westfall was left to rule his lands, and after the war Lady Westfall sent a letter to Chaol stating that she and Terrin wished to live with him, in Rifthold.[1]

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