House Havilliard is the ruling house of Adarlan, descending from Gavin Havilliard, the founder. The royal family resides in Rifthold, the capital city, and their symbol is a red wyvern. Their ancestral weapon is Damaris, the sword currently possessed by Dorian Havilliard. The House colours are red and gold.


House Havilliard has been founded by Gavin Havilliard, after defeating the Valg King Erawan and marrying Elena Galathynius of Terrasen, daughter of King Brannon Galathynius. As a wedding gift, Gavin received the lands of the future Adarlan. He selected Rifthold as his capital along the banks of the fast-flowing Avery River.

Recent Background

By the time Throne of Glass takes place, Adarlan had became an empire under the reign of Dorian's tyrannical father, conquering new territories, including Melisande, Terrasen, Fenharrow and Eyllwe. The house is not loved by the inhabitants of their colonies, especially the Terrasiens, who as said, would have had the king's head placed on the top of the gates of Orynth, if only they has an occasion to do so.

Known Members

By Birth:

  • King of Adarlan - deceased
  • Dorian Havilliard
  • Hollin Havilliard
  • Roland Havilliard - deceased
  • Gavin Havilliard - deceased

By Marriage:

  • Georgina Havilliard - wife of Adarlan's king and their queen
  • Elena Galathynius - deceased demi-fae wife of Gavin Havilliard, Adarlan's first king - spirit

By Further Connections

  • Brannon Galathynius - maternal ancestor via Elena - deceased
  • House Galathynius - related via Elena
  • Duke Perrington - the king's cousin - deceased