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House Havilliard is the ruling house of Adarlan. The House is over 1,000 years old, descending from Gavin Havilliard, the founder. The royal family resides in Rifthold, the capital city, and their symbol is a red wyvern. Their ancestral weapon is Damaris, the sword currently possessed by Dorian Havilliard II. The House colors are red and gold.


House Havilliard was founded by Gavin Havilliard, after defeating the Valg King Erawan in the first Valg War and marrying Elena Galathynius of Terrasen, daughter of King Brannon Galathynius. As a wedding gift, Gavin received the lands of the future Adarlan. He selected Rifthold as his capital along the banks of the fast-flowing Avery River.


Almost a thousand years later, the Havilliards became the conquering force of Erilea. The king at the time, Dorian Havilliard I, influenced by the Valg demon that took possession of him as a boy, began invading neighboring territories and expanding Adarlan's power. Using a Wyrdkey he had found, the King banished magic from all of Erilea and persecuted those who possessed it.

More than a decade before the second Valg war, the King slaughtered the Galathynius line of Terrasen, which became another colony under the Adarlanian empire, joining Melisande, Fenharrow, and Eyllwe. The Havilliards became widely hated because of the King's actions.

Ten years after the assassination of Terrasen's royal family the King was killed by his son, Crown Prince Dorian Havilliard II, and his castle in Rifthold destroyed. Dorian was crowned King and helped Aelin Galathynius, the last member of the Galathynius line, defeat Erawan and the Valg Queen Maeve in the second Valg war. The Adarlanian empire was abolished, and the colonies freed.[1]


House Havilliard's ancestral heirloom is the sword Damaris. It was buried with Gavin beneath the Glass Palace in Rifthold and unearthed a thousand years later by Aelin Galathynius. It ended up in Dorian Havilliard II's possession and was used to pin Erawan himself so he could be destroyed in the second Valg war. The blade turned black from being in contact with the Dark Lord.

Known Members

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Family tree

Elena Galathynius
Gavin Havilliard
Dorian Havilliard I
Georgina Havilliard
Roland Havilliard
Hollin Havilliard
Dorian Havilliard II


  • It is not clear whether Duke Perrington was actually a cousin of the King or if this was just an excuse to explain his relationship with the King.
  • The Havilliards have magic in their line dating back to Elena Galathynius, the Demi-Fae daughter of Brannon Galathynius. She is said to be the only person with Fae blood who marrried into the family.