House Galathynius is one of the major houses of Erilea. They were the rulers of Terrasen for a thousand years before the Havilliards of Adarlan invaded Terrasen and killed the royal family.


House Galathynius is one of the oldest families in all of Erilea, dating back to Brannon Galathynius's arrival at the end of the first war with the Valg.

The family was founded by Brannon, a Fae king, and his wife, the then mortal goddess Mala Fire-Bringer, after the war when Brannon fled Wendlyn with the Wyrdkeys. Sometime later, Brannon and Mala had many children, one of them being Elena Galathynius, who later fought alongside and then wedded Gavin Havilliard.

Due to Mala's mortal heritage, the descendants of Brannon possess only small amounts of Fae blood. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius had an enhanced amount of Fae blood in her veins, due to the fact that Evalin Ashryver, a demi-Fae, was her mother. Due to this, Aelin gained the ability to shift into her Fae form, granted by her great-grandmother Queen Mab's Fae heritage. The members of the family also possess magical abilities, and have great love for nature, animals, magic and knowledge.

During the reign of Orlon Galathynius, the King of Adarlan began his conquest of Erilea and assassinated the royal family of Terrasen after dining with them in their home. The entire House was wiped out, except for Aelin Galathynius, the daughter of Rhoe Galathynius and Evalin Ashryver, who managed to escape the slaughter by running to a nearby river where she was later found by the Assassin King Arobynn Hamel and trained over the next 10 years as a killer.

Aelin, now known as Celaena Sardothien, eventually reclaimed her old identity and formed a court loyal to her and the liberation of Terrasen. She was joined by her cousin Aedion Ashryver.


House Galathynius' ancestral weapon is the Sword of Orynth, which is currently possessed by Aedion Ashryver.

The family heirloom is the Amulet of Orynth, previously possessed by Arobynn Hamel after he took it from Aelin's unconscious body when he found her in the Florine river following the assassination of her family. Currently, the Amulet is in Manon Blackbeak's possession, after Aelin, having retrieved it from Arobynn[1], gave it to her for safekeeping.[2]

Known members


By Birth:

By Marriage:

Through further connections:

  • Members of House Havilliard (distant relatives, through the marriage of Gavin and Elena)
  • Members of House Ashryver (cousins, through the marriage of Rhoe and Evalin).

Family tree

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  • House Galathynius's colors are said to be silver and green, and their crest that of Mala Fire-Bringer's sun stag.(citation needed)