House Crochan had been once the ruling house of the Witch Kingdom, before its last queen was abolished by a clan of Ironteeth Witches. The line was passed onto female heirs, witches using white magic.


At the time when witch-queens from House Crochan reigned over the Witch Kingdom, the country was beautiful. However, the dynasty was later abolished by the Ironteeth Alliance, a coalition of the three Ironteeth Witch-Clans, and a legend says that the last Crochan queen had a curse put on the land, turning every living creature against the evil witches, turning the kingdom into a wasteland.


The Crochan Witches created the House Crochan when their witch sisters took after their Valg parents instead of the Fae. After King Brannon Galathynius gave the witches the Western Wastes, the House Cochan became the royal family, producing a lineage of Crochan Queens.

The Crochan Queen was the Queen of the Witch Kingdom and all witches until five hundred years before the events of Throne of Glass and the Ironteeth Clans rose against her. The Ironteeth Clans allied themselves and battled against the House Crochan and the Queen in a bloody battle. Then as Rhiannon Crochan the last queen of the Witch Kingdom lay dying she cursed the kingdom so that the Ironteeth may win the war but they would never win the land. That for what the Ironteeth had done, they would inherit the land only to see it wilt and die in their hands. And the once verdant Witch Kingdom would become a wasteland.

When the curse proved true the matrons of the Ironteeth Clans ordered the witches to hunt down the House Crochan until they find one who can lift the curse.

Since then, most Crochans spend their lives as refugees, pretending to be wise women and healers, hiding both from mortals and the Ironteeth Witches who hunt them.

Currently, the last Crochan Queen is Manon Blackbeak.