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The events described in this History section are accurate, but the sequence in which they occur may not be correct. Further information is required to verify the timeline.

House Crochan was the ruling house of the Witch Kingdom, before its destruction during the reign of Rhiannon Crochan.


House Crochan was the royal family of the Crochan Witches, a branch of witch-kind that was created by interbreeding between the invading Valg demons and the Fae. The Crochans took after their Fae ancestors more than their demonic ones, and after the war against the Valg King Erawan, were gifted the lands of the Western Wastes by Brannon Galathynius. This became the Witch Kingdom, and House Crochan were its rulers, continuing a dynasty that lasted over a thousand years.

At the time when the witch-queens from House Crochan reigned over the Witch Kingdom, the country was beautiful. However, the dynasty was later destroyed by the Ironteeth Alliance, a coalition of the three Ironteeth Witch-Clans. Rhiannon Crochan, the last Crochan Queen, fought hard to save her kingdom but was ultimately killed by Baba Yellowlegs. Before her death, she cursed the three Matrons and by extension their whole clans, that the Witch Kingdom would never be inhabitable by them. The surviving Crochan witches scattered across the continent, and the Crochan royal bloodline was thought extinct.

Unbeknownst to the Ironteeth, however, Rhiannon's youngest daughter had given birth the night before to a witchling. Anticipating her family's destruction Rhiannon had the heralds announce the baby as stillborn, and had her best friend (mother of Glennis Crochan) smuggle the baby out of the city. Rhiannon went to fight the Ironteeth to keep them distracted while her granddaughter escaped.

The royal bloodline eventually joined the Ironteeth line with the union of Lothian Blackbeak and Tristan Crochan nearly five hundred years later. Their daughter, Manon Blackbeak, managed to unite the Crochan and Ironteeth witches, thus lifting the curse on the Witch Kingdom and allowing all witch-kind to return home.[1]


The heirloom of House Crochan is the Crown of Stars passed down from Queen to Queen. After being stolen from the corpse of Rhiannon Crochan by Baba Yellowlegs, the crown was retrieved by Manon, who took it from the Yellowlegs Matron after she killed her.

Family tree

House Crochan/
Crochan Witches
Ironteeth Witches
Rhiannon Crochan
consort (M)
Unnamed Crochan
Unnamed children
Unnamed Crochan
Glennis Crochan
Unnamed Crochan
Unnamed Witch (M)
Blackbeak Matron
Tristan Crochan
Lothian Blackbeak
Bronwen Vanora-Crochan
Rhiannon Crochan II
Manon Blackbeak-Crochan


  • Many aspects of the Crochan bloodline have been condensed for simplicity's sake, and may not be wholly accurate.
    • This is especially true with regards Manon's Crochan cousins.


  • The Crochans trademark is a blood-red cloak. It is unknown if this was a custom practiced during the the reign of the Crochan royals. It’s a peculiar choice of colouring considering Crochan blood is blue like Ironteeth Witches.


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