House Ashryver is the ruling family of Wendlyn, on the eastern continent. The current monarch of the kingdom is King Glaston Ashryver, and his heir is Crown Prince Galan Ashryver. The family's seat is in Varese, the capital city.


The House descends from Queen Mab, one of the two Fae Queens. The Ashryvers were good friends to Terrasen and House Galathynius, and both were threatened by the growing power of the Havilliards. Glaston's sister, Evalin Ashryver, was also wed to Orlon Galathynius's nephew, Rhoe.

Evalin Ashryver was later assassinated by the King of Adarlan, a Havilliard who had been possessed by a Valg and saw her family as a threat. Aedion Ashryver, Evalin's relative through a cousin of hers, was close to her daughter and became a respected general in Adarlan's army. When Aelin reappeared ten years later, he joined her court and helped her overthrow the King of Adarlan.[1]

After the assassinations, Wendlyn, led by Glaston and his son Galan, declared war on the Empire of Adarlan to avenge his sister. However, Wendlyn sent no aid to Terrasen when it was under attack, earning them the disdain of both Aelin and her cousin Aedion.[2]

The Ashryvers continued to defy Adarlan for years, running blockades and earning Galan some acclaim as a warrior. Ten years after the assassination of House Galathynius, Galan received a blunt letter from the last surviving member Aelin, asking for aid. Galan raised his army and sailed to help her, fighting in the second Valg War to defend Terrasen from Erawan and the Valg army. After the war ended, Galan sailed back to Wendlyn.

Known Members

By Birth:

By Marriage:

Family tree

Queen Mab
House Galathynius
Ashryver (F)
Rhoe Galathynius
Evalin Ashryver
Glaston Ashryver
Aedion's mother
Aelin Galathynius
Rowan Whitethorn
Galan Ashryver
Aedion Ashryver


  • Aedion's mother is described as a distant cousin of Evalin. She has been shown as a close cousin on this diagram for simplicity's sake and to better show the relation between Aelin and Aedion.


  • Most Ashryvers seem to have turquoise irises, encircled within a ring of gold, which are famous and well known in legend.
  • In Kingdom of Ash the Ashryver flag is stated to be cobalt.


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