Hollin Havilliard is the youngest son of the King of Adarlan and his wife, Queen Georgina, and brother of Dorian Havilliard.


Like his father, Hollin has a broad frame and a round face. Aelin remarks in Crown of Midnight that Hollin is "pale, rotund, and blessed with a head full of ebony curls."


Hollin is a very spoiled child. He is ill-tempered and has been known to beat and punish servants for small mistakes.

Dorian is especially aware of his brother's temperament and knows that Hollin would make a terrible and harsh king. This prompts him to decline Sorscha's offer to leave, as he is afraid of what will happen should Hollin become king of Adarlan.

Dorian has stated that "something had rotted inside Hollin."


A year prior to the events in Throne of Glass, Prince Hollin severely beat one of his servants upon finding his porridge burnt and was subsequently shipped to a school in the mountains of Adarlan.[1]

Throne of Glass

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Crown of Midnight

Chaol and Dorian enter the castle through the kennels, apparently to avoid Hollin who has returned that morning and is shrieking demands at everyone. Dorian reveals that there is a court dinner being held in Hollin's honor, which he wishes he could avoid, and that their mother pulled Hollin out of school due to the King wanting to keep him close while the movement against him is resolved.

That night Hollin attends the court dinner and is seated on a little glass throne beside Dorian. The singer Rena Goldsmith performs, and though her singing is beautiful Hollin begins squirming beside Dorian and hissing, complaining about being bored. He doesn't appear to like the performance. He begins sulking and shoveling sweets into his mouth when no one pays attention to him.

For Yulemas Queen Georgina commissions a carnival for Hollin. He arrives to unveil the cages containing animals.

When Dorian's magic manifests he goes to the library and wonders whether Hollin will gain magic later in his life. Dorian hopes that if he does then he can be taught to suppress it, to avoid their father finding out.

Empire of Storms


Dorian Havilliard

Dorian and Hollin are not on good terms. They get into fights often, with Dorian revealing to Chaol that he almost punched Hollin's teeth out once.

Dorian states in Crown of Midnight that he may not be fond of Hollin, but he doesn't wish him dead.

Georgina Havilliard

Hollin's mother adores him, going out of her way to give him gifts and dote on him. He doesn't appreciate anything she gives him, but Georgina doesn't appear to notice how spoiled he is.


  • Hollin hates animals.
  • Queen Georgina once bought Hollin four white ponies with a small golden carriage, and Hollin trampled her favorite garden.
    • As a Yulemas gift, the queen also commissions a carnival for Hollin.
  • Hollin is very immature.
  • Chaol hoped that he and Dorian would be able to check the corruption in Hollin's heart once Dorian ascended the throne.
  • Hollin is prone to tantrums, having them almost daily.


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