Hasar was no beauty, but those eyes... The flame dancing in them as she glanced to her elder brother made up for it.

Hasar is the third child of Khagan Urus and his wife, the Grand Empress.


Tower of Dawn

Hasar first appears at Chaol and Nesryn's initial meeting with Urus alongside her siblings.

When Yrene pays her first visit to Chaol, Hasar barges in on them. She greets Yrene with a kiss on each cheek. When she remarks that Yrene is not usually so grumpy, Yrene replies that she has not drunk her kavhe yet. Hasar mentions that Kashin was disappointed that Yrene did not attend dinner the previous night. When Yrene says she had work to do, Hasar feigns astonishment. She then makes a gibe about Chaol still being in the wheeled chair. Yrene tells her that they have only just begun and suggests that she come and find the princess after her appointment. Hasar ruffles Yrene's hair and then departs, but not before delivering another thinly veiled insult to Chaol.

Later, Hasar planned a birthday party for Yrene. During the party, Yrene pushes Hasar into the pool. This was at first taken as an attack but Kashin and Renia diffuse the situation by laughing.

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Hasar is headstrong, fierce, and brave. She cares for the people close to her, such as Renia and Yrene, but often uses deceit to get her way in things.

Physical Description

Yrene said of Hasar that while she was well-dressed, she would never be called beautiful. She is described as being striking and lupine. She has hair like flowing night and eyes like dark fire.[1]

Skills and Abilities

Though Hasar exhibits no magical talent, she is a formidable and manipulative strategist. Rumor claims that Hasar has the khaganate's armadas bowing to her.



Hasar has a lover named Renia, whom she seems to truly care about. She rescued Renia from some sort of situation, presumably one that put her in danger and was one of the only options for poor women. Renia used to be low-born. If Hasar was to become the new Khagan, she and Reina would try artificial insemination so they can produce offspring.



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