Hafiza is the Healer on High.


Hafiza is the Healer on High of the Southern Continent. She, like the other healers, works in Torre Cesme in Antica. She is a mother-like figure to Yrene Towers.


Hafiza is rather fun and carefree, despite her title, which has lead to acolytes liking her very much. While she can be strict, wary, and calculating, as all healers must be at times, she is acts as if she were a kind, gentle grandmother.

Physical description

Hafiza has dark brown skin and white hair, along with brows. Due to her old age, wrinkles run down her skin.

Powers and abilities

Hafiza is a healer, her gifts were given to her by Silba. She has the power to destroy the Valg, like Yrene and the other healers.


When Yrene Towers wound up at the Torre Cesme, presumably at age nineteen or twenty, she had walked in strong - but found herself crying and begging Hafiza to become a healer. Hafiza took her under her wing and began her training. Ever since, Yrene has not only been the Heir Apparent of the Healer on High but also like a daughter to Hafiza.


  • Tower of Dawn
  • Kingdom of Ash


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