Grave is one of twenty-three competitors in the King's Champion Tournament, sponsored by Minister Mullison.  An assassin by trade, he is viciously sadistic and tortures his victims before killing them.


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Grave was a short, slight and wicked man. He had mousy brown hair and was described as grotesque. 


Grave was a sadistic assassin.


Throne of Glass

Grave was an assassin sponsored by Minister Mullison to be his Champion for the King of Adarlan's competition. He attended the introduction along with twenty-three other champions. Like the other Champions, he mocked Celaena (Under the guise Lillian Gordana, a jewel thief from Bellhaven.)

He often joked around with Cain and Verin during the competition. During the second test, he attempted to kill Nox Owen by cutting his rope as he climbed up the castle walls. Grave succeeded in cutting the line but Celeana was able to save Nox and finish the competition. 

He lasted until the very end of the competition when only four Champions remained to duel. He fought Celeana in the duel but was easily defeated. Afterward Celeana revealed her true identity.

Crown of Midnight

After the assassination of Princes Nehemia, Celaena decides that Grave must be Nehemia's killer due to his knowledge of the castle and the brutal nature of the murder. She tracks him down into an alley where she chops off his fingers one by one until he confesses, then gives his head to the King of Adarlan.[1]


  • Grave once attempted to join Arobynn Hamel's Adarlan Assassins, but was turned away due to his brutality. 


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