Goldryn is an ancient sword once wielded by Maeve's lover Athril.


Goldryn is a large, golden-hilted sword with a ruby the size of a chicken egg set into the hilt. It has spectral flames flickering around it.


During the war with the Valg, Goldryn was wielded by the Fae warrior Athril. After Maeve turned on him and Brannon Galathynius, he used it to fight her but was killed. Brannon took Goldryn and Athril's ring and hid them in a cave by a lake where Athril once used Goldryn to carve out The Lake Creature's eye.

Heir of Fire

When a training exercise by the same lake goes wrong, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and Luca are attacked by the Lake Creature. Rowan Whitethorn throws Goldryn to Aelin who uses it to fight off the Creature.

Later on, when Mistward is attacked by the Valg, Aelin uses Goldryn to defend herself against the Valg Princes.

Aelin later takes the sword to Doranelle and reveals it to Maeve after realizing that Rowan gave it to her for a reason. Maeve demands the sword from her but Aelin refuses, claiming that Brannon left it for her. She leaves with Goldryn after freeing Rowan from Maeve's blood oath.

Queen of Shadows

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Empire of Storms

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Kingdom of Ash

Aelin imbues Goldryn with her power of fire. After Aelin loses her powers to forge The Lock, she wields Goldryn in multiple battles as it can access her previous levels of power. She uses Goldryn to kill Maeve.


  • Ironically, this sword was used to kill the beloved of its original wielder.
  • It was imbued with fire magic before Aelin lost hers, and allows her to use the full might of her original power.
    • It is possible that, if it was broken, Aelin's power could return to her.
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