Not just gods, but beings of a higher, different existence. For whom time was fluid, and bodies were things to be shifted and molded. Who could exist in multiple places, spread themselves wide like nets being thrown. They were as mighty and vast and eternal as a human was to a mayfly. They had not been born in this world. Perhaps had become trapped here after wandering through a Wyrdgate. And they had struck some bargain with her father, with Mala, to at last send them home, banishing Erawan with them. And she had ruined it.

–- Elena Galathynius, Dawn at the Obsidian Passes, Morath, Empire of Storms

The world of the Throne of Glass has many gods and goddesses, though often people will worship a particular deity depending on who they are or their long-term situation. The people in the world of Throne of Glass believed that the gods and goddesses watched over them, and at one point the gods and goddesses are thought to have died or abandoned the world, when magic fell.


The Gods could originally exist in multiple places at once and travel across worlds. However, they were trapped in Erilea after wandering through a Wyrdgate. After Mala Fire-Bringer created the Lock and died, she became a god once again, and the gods struck a bargain with Brannon to use the Lock to seal the Wyrdkeys and send them back. They would take Erawan with them, and destroy him in their realm. However, Elena stole the Lock, using it only to contain Erawan. As a consequence, Elena was forced by the Gods to remain as a spirit for millennia, and help one of her descendants forge a new lock. However, that would require the person to die. That person was revealed to be Aelin Galathynius.

The Gods


Anneith is the Lady of Wise Things, and is also the goddess of slow deaths. It can be assumed that Sarah J. Maas named her this after 'Neith' the Egyptian goddess of wisdom and hunting. However, by calling her 'Anneith' instead of 'Neith' her name almost becomes an anagram of 'Athena' the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. Certainly, Anneith's behavior as both a goddess of slow deaths and wise things is most likely based on both Neith and Athena. She is also the consort of Hellas. Elide Lochan is constantly watched over by Anneith, whispering in her mind.


Deanna is the goddess of hunting, maidenhood, and the moon. Her symbol is the golden arrow. She is the sister and rival to Mala Fire-Bringer. Sarah J. Maas most likely based her off 'Diana' the Roman goddess who - much like the Greek goddess Artemis - was the protector of virgins, the hunting goddess, and also a moon goddess in later times. She possessed Aelin in the fight against the Valg at Skull's Bay. Aelin was gifted Deanna's symbol, an arrow, on Yulemas, so perhaps she is blessed by both Mala and Deanna.


Little is known about Hellas except that he is known as the "dark god," the god of violent death, ruler of the burning realm of the Underworld. This may mean he has similarities to the Greek god Hades. Hades was the ruler of the Underworld in Greek mythology. 'Hellas' was the original name for the land of Greece which is famous for its Polytheist civilization. Numerous times in the series, 'Hellas' or 'The land of Hellas' is used in a similar way to how people normally say 'Hell' referring to the Christian afterlife where bad people are punished for their sins. This may mean that Hellas may serve a similar function to the Devil or to the Norse goddess Hel. Lorcan Salvaterre's powers are said to be a "gift" from Hellas.


God of Atonement. At whose temple Arobynn worshiped daily when Aelin was in the Red Desert.


Little is known about Lani except that she is the goddess of dreams.


The Goddess of Peaceful Households and the Balruhni people.


Lumas is the firstborn of the Great Goddess. He is known as the Lord of the Gods and God of Love. His birth is celebrated at Yulemas, described with glistening wings, he is said to be the one to bring love and union to Erilea after the Chaos brought by the Gates of Wyrd. Lumas is often associated with 'light' and his name probably stems from the English verb 'Illuminate.'

Mala Fire-Bringer

Mala is the Sun Goddess, Lady of Light, Learning, and Fire. Her sacred animals were the Sun Stags that Brannon brought to Erilea and were later adopted as the royal symbol of Terrasen. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius is the heir to Mala Fire-Bringer's powers.


Also known as the Lady of the Great Deep, this Goddess rules over the vast oceans of the world and its creatures. This goddess has a temple built in Rifthold near the Avery. The Lady is also the God of Oaths. Captain Rolfe believes the Sea God is the person who tattooed the magic map on his hands.


Silba is the Goddess of Healing, Healers, and Gentle Deaths. She is the goddess the Torre Cesme worships. She also enabled Yrene Towers to completely heal Chaol Westfall.

God of Truth

The God of Truth is also known as a Sin-Eater. Little is known about this god other than how he was worshipped. His temple is located deep beneath Shadow Market of Rifthold and is built nearly entirely of human bones. The bones are carved with the confessions of people's sins they committed in life.


Not much is known of Vanth, except that she is the Goddess of the Dead. Sarah J. Maas most likely adapted her from the Etruscan demon of the same name.  

Three-Faced Goddess

This Goddess is worshipped by the Ironteeth Witches. Sarah J. Maas most likely adapted her from the Greek goddess Hecate who was often described as having three faces and was often associated with magic and witchcraft. She has three heads/faces representing each Ironteeth clan: Maiden representing the Bluebloods, Mother representing the Blackbeaks, and Crone representing the Yellowlegs. Manon Blackbeak mentions the Goddess frequently along with "the Darkness."


Temis is known as the Goddess of Wild Things and a goddess who never forgets the caged animals of the world. She had a small temple in Oakwald Forest before it was destroyed in a fight between Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and Manon Blackbeak. Lysandra, being a shape-shifter, often prays to Temis.


Farnor is the God of War. Duke Perrington received his gift, a silver sword, at the Yulemas Day Service in Throne of Glass.


Baast is a warrior-goddess. Sarah J. Mass most likely adapted her from the Egyptian goddess Bastet or Bast, a lioness goddess like Sekhmet. Bastet and Sekhmet were characterized as two aspects of the same goddess, with Sekhmet representing the powerful warrior and protector aspect and Bastet, who increasingly was depicted as a cat, representing a gentler aspect. Sekhmet was a warrior-goddess as well as a goddess of healing, which may be the reason why thirty-six Baast Cats dwell in the library of the Torre Cesme, in Silba's shadow.


  • The Valg Queen Maeve is considered to be as powerful as the Gods. She is the original entrant from the "other realm," who wants the keys for herself so she never has to go back to that other realm.(citation needed)
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