Glennis Crochan is a Crochan witch and the great-grandmother of Manon Blackbeak.


Glennis is the daughter of Rhiannon Crochan's best friend, the last remaining member of the Crochan royal family. At some point in her life, Glennis had a child with a male Crochan. This child went on to mate with a Crochan Queen and became the father of Tristan Crochan.

Kingdom of Ash

When Manon Blackbeak, her Thirteen, and Dorian Havilliard arrive at Glennis's camp in the mountains, she comes out to meet them and defuse tensions. She introduces herself and leads Manon and her companions through the camp. Before they get to it, two Ironteeth covens attack the camp and Glennis fights alongside Manon and Dorian to hold them off. After they're defeated, Glennis once again intervenes on Manon's behalf when she is accused of leading them to the camp. She tells Manon they will have to talk later.

At their next meeting, Glennis explains her relation to Manon and tells her about her mother, who saved Rhiannon's granddaughter during the Witch Wars. She reveals what happened to Tristan after Lothian Blackbeak never returned, and confirms that Manon's half-sister's mother is dead. She guesses Manon's intention to rally the Crochans for war, and wryly remarks that she might find it harder than she thinks.

Later, when Manon pursues her plan to unite the witch factions, Glennis explains the concept of the hearth-fires, and the process by which Crochan Queens call the Crochan camps and villages to war. She laughs when Manon assumes that the process is as easy as lighting a fire; she must be accepted first. When Manon questions the camp's presence in the mountains, Glennis reveals that they are on their way south to Eyllwe to help the southern hearths.

The camp breaks up and travels to Eyllwe, but arrives too late. The southern hearths have been destroyed. Glennis sends letters to the King and Queen of Eyllwe warning them of the danger in their lands.

She meets with the leaders of the surviving hearths and they make the decision that everyone must return to their home hearths. Manon is disappointed and asks about Rhiannon, her half-sister, and whether she believed the Ironteeth could change. Glennis tells her about her half-sister's steadfast belief in the capability of the witches to unite once more, revealing that her great-granddaughter had planned for Manon to lead the Ironteeth and she would lead the Crochans. When Manon bitterly says there's just her now, Glennis doesn't shy away from the truth, and agress with her, but adds that she can be the bridge as well.

The time comes for the Crochans to depart for their home hearths. Glennis has not invited Manon and her coven to return with her, and says goodbye to her great-granddaughter. Just as she starts to leave she smells something in the air, and tells Manon to run. The three Ironteeth Matrons have found them.

Glennis takes up a sword and angrily asks them what they want, preparing to fight them. However, Manon steps forward and has words with her grandmother, before attacking them. She kills the Yellowlegs Matron and lets Cresseida Blueblood go in thanks for her daughter helping Manon talk to the Ironteeth. Her grandmother runs as well. When Manon tries to give Rhiannon Crochan's crown of stars to Glennis, the ancient witch smiles and crowns Manon instead, calling her the Queen of Witches.

The Crochans move to a different camp, and a messenger brings word of Aedion Ashryver's call for aid. Glennis asks Manon what she wants to do, and she decides to answer the call. The Crochans fly with Manon and the Thirteen to Orynth, in time to join the battle. Glennis arms herself and fights as well, noting that the last stand of the Crochans has come at last.

After Manon's Thirteen sacrifice themselves to destroy the witch tower, Glennis stays with Manon while she grieves on the battlefield. After the war ends, and Erawan is killed, Glennis joins her brethren in revealing to Manon that the curse on the Witch Kingdom is broken, and they all return homeland to begin rebuilding their home.


Glennis is a fierce yet gentle person. Having lived for centuries she is exceptionally wise and compassionate, but brave in battle. Despite her grandmotherly appearance, she has a steel will.

Physical Description

Glennis is a very old witch. She is not yet bent with age, but wrinkled, with white hair and clear blue eyes. She has a kind and wise face. There is also sorrow in her eyes.

Skills and Abilities

  • Immortality: Glennis is immortal as a result of her witch heritage.
  • Magic: Glennis has inherent magical power, which thus far has been used to glamour her camp and magically amplify her voice in battle.
  • Flight: Glennis is capable of flight through riding her broom.


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