Gavriel was one of the six elite warriors of Maeve's cadre. He was known as the Lion of Doranelle and was first seen in Heir of Fire when he looked for Rowan in Mistward and helped to defend the fortress from the Valg.


Gavriel, coming from a noble house and being the youngest of three brothers, wouldn't inherit or rule, so he took to soldiering. His talent caught Maeve's attention, and he has served her since. Gavriel is mentioned to have travelled around the world under Maeve's command, like the rest of the cadre. At some point, he met Aedion's mother, Evalin's distant cousin and Aelin's aunt, and fell madly in love. However, he did not want to stay and bring Maeve's attention to her, so he left and never came back. Unknown to Gavriel, during their time together she had become pregnant with Aedion.

Heir of Fire

Gavriel first appears at night time while it is raining, in his mountain cat form. Rowan goes to meet him and it is revealed that Gavriel is grieving for his fallen men. So they both go to Rowan's room to have the names of his fallen men inked onto his flesh. Aelin, however, interrupts the moment with food, claiming that Rowan forgot to eat. She catches Gavriel in a moment of weakness as he is sprawled out on top of Rowan's table with ink. She then later leaves after Rowan yells at her, but before she goes, Gavriel sniffs the air, smelling her scent and most likely recognizing her bloodline.

After the encounter in Mistward, he is not seen again until the Valg Princes invade Mistward, having been summoned by Rowan for help. He appears in his mountain lion form again and is running towards Mistward with Rowan's other five cadre members, all having been summoned by him. As they pass, Aelin, who is fighting the princes with everything she has, makes a bridge of fire to the Wyrdstones in order to get in. The others don't spare her another glance and rush in, but Gavriel stops and stares at her, considering whether to continue on or stay and help her fight. Aelin claims that Rowan and the other demi-Fae needs his help more, so he reluctantly continues on.

He finds Rowan and helps him to keep the invaders back, but Rowan finds out at that Aelin is not in good condition, and rushes out to help her. Gavriel, not wanting his friend to die, chases after him and tackles him to the ground, stating that it is a lost cause to try and help Aelin now, as she is currently being trapped and devoured by the princes. However, Rowan is not deterred and continued to struggle against Gavriel who holds the mighty warrior down with his strength and using protecting magic to shield him from Rowan's wind and ice.

Later on, as it is revealed that Aelin is going to make it, Rowan breaks free from Gavriel, who is in shock at seeing Aelin's burst of fire, and watches as Rowan gives Aelin his magic to borrow and defeat the princes' once and for all. With the battle won, all the others leave without another word, but Gavriel stays behind to say goodbye to Rowan and Aelin. He is puzzled and asks how old Aelin is, to which she replies that she is nineteen. He is then relieved, most likely because she couldn't have possibly been one of his former lovers, as she bears a striking resemblance to Aedion's mother. He then departs with the others.

As Aelin and Rowan arrive in Doranelle, four of the cadre are there. After briefly talking, Gavriel comes forth with a whip and starts to beat Rowan, under command by Maeve to do so. He had no facial expression, having been through this before. After the Doranelle encounter, he wasn't seen again.

Queen of Shadows

Gavriel makes no physical appearance in Queen of Shadows but is often mentioned. Upon meeting Aedion, Rowan realizes that Gavriel is Aedion's father and apparently left Aedion's mother under Maeve's command. This is a theory for why Gavriel asked Aelin how old she is, for the striking resemblance she bares of Aedion's mother. However, Gavriel has no such knowledge of having a son.

Empire of Storms

Gavriel joins Aelin and Rowan in Skull's Bay. He and Fenrys are there to warn Rolfe of Maeve's armada. The two cadre members are on a mission to kill Lorcan. Rowan asks them to assist him and Aelin with the war against Erawan. They agree, saying Maeve never said a specific time when ordering them with the blood oath. Later on Skull's Bay, Gavriel meets his son, Aedion. Aedion is angered and confused, yet Gavriel never stops trying to earn his son's approval. Gavriel helps in many battles and even refrains from killing Lorcan to help. During the altercation on the beach with Maeve, he offers to take whatever punishment was meant for Aelin, because he knew how much Aelin means to Aedion and if he lost her again it would break him. He later pays for this when Maeve breaks the blood oath and marks him dishonorable forever. This way of breaking the blood oath is viewed negatively because it marks a person as dishonorable. At the end of the book Gavriel volunteers with Lorcan and Elide to help Rowan track down his lost mate and get her back from Maeve.

Kingdom of Ash

Gavriel helps Rowan to find Aelin, with the help of Lorcan and Elide. He also braces Elide's ankle since she won't allow Lorcan to do so anymore. When he finds out Maeve is a Valg queen, Gavriel is appalled and in shock like the others. In Anielle, he battles the Valg alongside Rowan, Lorcan, Fenrys, and Aelin. After the battle, he asks Rowan why Aelin hadn't offered him the blood oath. Rowan says that she wants Aedion to swear it first. Gavriel tells him he would have said yes. He has an emotional talk with Chaol about fathers. Chaol tells him that Aedion will want to forgive him, no matter what. And that he knows that Gavriel didn't just save Aelin for Rowan and Terrasen, but also for him. During the Battle of Orynth, Gavriel is reunited with Aedion. Aedion is amazed that they found Aelin. Gavriel says they need to hold the gate. He asks Aedion if he wants to do it together, implying if Aedion accepts him as his father. Aedion says that they'll do it together. Aedion sprints towards the Bane but then sees that Gavriel is at the gate. He tells Aedion to close the gate, planning to sacrifice himself for Terrasen and Aedion. Aedion runs towards Gavriel to stop him, but he is too late when he sees Gavriel's dead body. Aedion promises to bury him in the royal graveyard, and also adds Gavriel's name to the tattoo over his heart. Aelin has Gavriel swear the blood oath, despite his death.


Not much is known of Gavriel’s personality except that he cared deeply for those he loved. He cared for Rowan, his oldest friend, and cared for the men he lead so much so that he had the names of his fallen men inked onto his skin. He showed some compassion towards Aelin before he knew her, as he was the only member of the cadre, excluding Rowan, who stopped to see if she needed help during the siege on Mistward.

Gavriel also cared for those around him as shown in Empire of Storms. He never wanted to leave Aedion’s mother. He loved her greatly but he knew that if Maeve discovered it she would use the love to her advantage. Aedion's mother knew this as well and so she sent him away. After discovering that he had a son, Gavriel did everything he possibly could to have Aedion accept him as a father, and even if Aedion wouldn’t accept him he still used his magic to protect Aedion and Lysandra during the battle against Maeve's armada.

Being blood sworn to Maeve, he was loyal to her above all others but he cared for his friends, and along with Fenrys, did what he could to avoid the command of the oath to spare Lorcan and help Aelin and Rowan.

Physical Description

Gavriel is described as a tall, broad shouldered male, well-muscled yet lithe, with tan skin, and a feline appearance. He was mentioned to have a kind, content looking face of lovely features with tawny-orange eyes and golden hair cropped just below the neck. Gavriel was heavily tattooed with a band of tattoos encircling his muscled neck and tattoos in the Old Language interrupted by scars cover the left side of his torso, his heart, and rib cage down to his hip bone of the names of the men he commanded and had lost in battle.

He was Fae, and as such has elongated canines, pointy ears, and the magic to shift. His animal form is a massive golden-brown mountain lion with the same tawny eyes.

In Empire of Storms, he is mentioned as wearing pale clothing of layered, efficient fabric, fit for battlefields.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic - Gavriel appears to use some kind of protection and healing magic, capable of keeping Rowan from harming him as he held him down; as well as healing Elide after she was bitten by Fenrys, and covering Aedion and Lysandra in a second skin of golden magic that protected them during the battle against Maeve's armada.
  • Shapeshifting - His animal form is a massive golden brown mountain lion.
  • Fighting Skills - Gavriel is mentioned by many people in the series to be an amazing fighter and shows great skill at tactics and military planning. As a child Aedion was told stories of the Lion of Doranelle a white knight of legend.



Rowan used to be one of Queen Maeve's cadre, but left for Adarlan to go after Aelin. Their relationship shows that they greatly trust one another, as when Rowan offered to tattoo Gavriel for him. Though Rowan would never admit it out loud, their bond is that of trust worthy comrades, and Gavriel would do anything to keep his friend safe. As such, when Rowan called for him to help when the Valg attacked Mistward, he came right away.


Gavriel recently met his son, Aedion. He loves his son and feels terrible for having to leave his mother and son, who he did not know existed at the time, when Maeve forced him to leave. He also constantly struggles for Aedion's approval and acceptance. After some time in Empire of Storms, their relationship seems to have improved. In Kingdom of Ash Aedion accepted him as his father, and Gavriel sacrificed himself for him.

Aedion's Mother

Gavriel loved Aedion's mother very much. He was forced to leave her because of Maeve's command. She was the only woman who he ever remembered or thought about later. She was the only reason Gavriel thought only once about leaving Maeve . It was stated in Empire of Storms that he would have followed her if she had allowed it. But, since Gavriel was still bound to Maeve, she didn't let him and he respected her wishes to stay away. He then proceeded to go to another continent and never let himself look back.


His relationship towards Aelin is that of kindness, as such when he tried to help her and no one else would. It is also said that Aelin looks identically to one of Gavriel's former lovers, Aedion’s mother. He is nice to her and is the only one who offered to say goodbye after the rest of the cadre left. He also risked everything to help her and Rowan.

In Kingdom of Ash, Gavriel wants to swear the blood oath to her, but Aelin won't do it until Aedion has done it. When Gavriel is dead, Aelin swears the blood oath with Gavriel anyway.

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