Galan Ashryver is the Crown Prince of Wendlyn and the cousin of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and Aedion Ashryver.


Heir of Fire

Galan appears in Wendlyn, riding out of the castle gates accompanied by soldiers. A crowd of citizens is present, and they cheer him as he rides past. Celaena sits on a rooftop and watches him, noting that he is going off to war. He is part of the blockade against Adarlan.

Empire of Storms

After Aelin in taken by Maeve, Galan appears with his armada and a crinkled letter from Aelin that states, "Terrasen remembers Evalin Ashryver. Do you? I fought at Mistward for your people. Return the gods-damned favor." and the coordinates for the spot where Aelin was whipped and kidnapped.

Physical Description

Galan Ashryver is described as having olive skin, dark hair, and the distinctive, turquoise Ashryver eyes.



  • He is commonly adored by the people of Wendlyn.
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