Fenharrow is a kingdom in eastern Erilea, south of Adarlan and east of Melisande. Described as a beautiful expanse of flat land and farms stretching on forever, bordered by mountains in the west and the sea to the east. Its capital city is Bellhaven.


Fenharrow is ruled by an unknown number of lords known as the Lords of Fenharrow. Not much is known about them.


Prior to the events of Throne of Glass Fenharrow was conquered by the kingdom of Adarlan and became part of its empire.

Heir of Fire

Manon Blackbeak and her Thirteen are assigned to a six month rotation in Fenharrow, in a little green valley in the north of the kingdom. After hearing of a Crochan Witch living among some villagers she starts traveling from village to village posing as a Crochan hoping to flush out the real one.

Empire of Storms

Fenharrow is revealed to have aided Morath's armies by allowing their soldiers to take a favorable position that allows them to attack Eyllwe once the command is given.

Erawan mentions the Lords of Fenharrow while explaining how the various rulers of Erilea will bow to him.


  • Fenharrow has its own language. It is never spoken in the series.
  • Fenharrow has a rebel base. Sorscha recalls how the rebels in Fenharrow helped set her up in Adarlan.
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