“Farasha had tried to take a chunk out of the soldier nearest her the moment the hood had come off.”

Farasha is Chaol’s horse whom he rides into battle with when the Khagan army and the rukhin are protecting the Keep in Anielle from Morath’s incoming army.

Farasha is a beautiful black mare with an ebony mane. She is a Muniqi horse. Her name means "butterfly."

Chaol refers to Farasha as "The Horse of Death" and jokes that she could be Hellas' horse. She is wild and untamed. Chaol humours himself by thinking about riding into war on a horse named Butterfly.

Farasha is borrowed by Elide when they realize the dam is about to break and everybody is evacuated off the battlefield. However, the characters quickly realize that Lorcan is missing and Elide then takes Farasha and rides out into the plain, searching for him and calling his name. Elide screams at Farasha to run like the wind and the horse amazingly obeys, galloping so fast that Elide feels like they’re flying.

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