Long ago, when there was no mortal king on Wendlyn’s throne, the faeries still walked among us. Some were good and fair, some were prone to little mischiefs, and some were fouler and darker than the blackest night. But they were all of them ruled by Maeve and her two sisters, whom they called Mora and Mab.

Emrys about faeries - Heir of Fire

Faeries, also called the Little Folk, are magical creatures that live amongst their larger cousins, the Fae. They are small, and tend to help out others and leave gifts while staying unseen.


Faeries are small creatures that live in wild places such as forests and woods. They are the smaller cousins to the human-like Fae, who rule over them. Their forms are varied, and many different kinds exist.


Faeries, along with the Fae, were the original inhabitants of the world. They lived in peace with their cousins and the humans until the King of Adarlan began his purge of magic, and declared the faeries and their magic an affront to the Goddess.[1] The faeries living in Terrasen, who had long since been friends to the Royal Family and commonly delivered small gifts to Aelin Galathynius[2], were hunted down and almost completely killed, while those in Adarlan fled with the Fae to the wild and untouched corners of the world.

Throne of Glass

On her way to Rifthold from Endovier, Celaena Sardothien and the soldiers escorting her stop to rest in a forest along the way. One of the soldiers comments about faeries, and Celaena quietly corrects him in a tone that conveys her regret for what happened to them.

Heir of Fire

While travelling to Doranelle with Rowan Whitethorn, Celaena norices faeries watching her from the woods. She reminisces about the gifts that the faeries still leave her; she believes they find her interesting for her Fae heritage. As more appear, Celaena realises what they want and whispers that the faeries from Terrasen still live, causing those watching her to disappear.

Queen of Shadows

A faerie watches Aelin on Rowan's request as she practices water magic. She says something sarcastic to it, and Rowan appears and warns her against provoking it.

Known varieties

  • Gnomes
  • Sprites
  • Nymphs
  • Goblins
  • Frost Faeries


  • Frost Faeries are known for delivering presents to good children. They apparently have some way of knowing when a child has killed, as they stopped coming to Aelin Galathynius after she drew blood from another human.[2]


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