Eyllwe is a kingdom in the southeastern peninsula of Erilea and is one of the few conquered countries still rebelling against Adarlan's rule. Its capital city is Banjali. With two of the most prosperous cities on the continent and many crucial trade routes, Eyllwe has a rich economy and boasts a plethora of farmlands, waterways, and forests.


The Assassin's Blade

Adarlan currently rules over Eyllwe, having conquered the southern kingdom during its military campaign. Within two years prior to the events of The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, Adarlan began its slave trade in earnest. Eyllwe people were often among those captured and sold into slavery.

Throne of Glass

Adarlan still controls Eyllwe, but the King of Adarlan, for reasons not articulated, has allowed the royal family of Eyllwe to retain their titles. Many of the slaves in private households and in the labor camps are Eyllwe, and rebellion against Adarlan by Eyllwe citizens as well as sympathy toward this cause are gaining momentum.

The King of Eyllwe sends his daughter, Nehemia Ytger, to the Glass Palace in Rifthold, allegedly to learn more of the Adarlanian customs, politics, and the common tongue and to promote relations between Adarlan and Eyllwe. In truth, Nehemia comes to learn more about the King's plans and to intervene for her people.

When the king officially declares Aelin Galathynius his Champion, he warns her not to betray him or the consequence will be Chaol's and the Ytgers' deaths.

Crown of Midnight

Nehemia strives to prevent the King from expanding the labor camps to increase production, but Roland Havilliard bars her from attending the meeting. She entreats Dorian Havilliard to oppose this plan. In the meantime, she secretly works with the rebels in Rifthold.

At the meeting, Dorian emphatically objects to the plan, asserting that oppressing the peoples of conquered nations will only generate further rebellious movements and sympathies. Roland ends up supporting Dorian and calling off the vote.

Adarlan's army captures five hundred Eyllwe rebels on the border of the Oakwald Forest and the Stone Marshes. These prisoners are intended to be sent to Calaculla, but some attempt to escape; they are caught, and in retaliation, the Adarlanian army kills all five hundred people, including the children.

Deeply stricken by this, Nehemia entreats her friend Aelin to help her free Eyllwe. Aelin, concerned that there is little hope for a victory, fearing that even more people will die as a result of such a movement, and recalling the King's threats to kill the Ytgers and Chaol, refuses to lend her aid.

Desperate, Nehemia discusses matters with Elena Galathynius. The two women agree that Nehemia should die to send a message to rise up against Adarlan and change the world. Thus, Nehemia orchestrates her own death.

Nehemia breaks ties with the rebels when she realizes that some of them would rather wield the Wyrdkeys to exact revenge than do what is right.

Nehemia and her guards are killed by Grave, whom Archer Finn hired while posing as Councilor Mullison. When word of her death arrives in Calaculla, a girl swings her pickaxe into the abdomen of her overseer, sparking uprisings in Endovier and Calaculla.

Griefstricken over her friend's death, Aelin vows to free Eyllwe.

Heir of Fire

In response to the slave revolts, the King of Adarlan orders all the slaves in both labor camps to be executed.

Queen of Shadows

After Dorian destroys the Glass Palace, Aelin, acting as a temporary regent, declares that all slaves are now freed. On the day of Dorian's coronation, the new King of Adarlan signs a decree freeing all of Adarlan's conquered territories, making Eyllwe a sovereign nation once again.

Tower of Dawn

Arghun mentions that Aelin was suspected of sailing around Eyllwe and burning ports to the ground. In reality, it was Maeve doing this.

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