Evangeline is a young girl previously owned by Madame Clarisse DuVency's brothel. She was assigned to be Lysandra's acolyte, but Lysandra offered to scar Evangeline's face to spare her from a fate of prostitution.


Early Life

Evangeline was recognized for her beauty as a young girl and sold by her mother to Madame Clarisse's brothel, where she met Lysandra. Lysandra saved Evangeline from a terrible fate of prostitution, and was forced to scar her face to do so. Thereafter Evangeline was considered no longer useful to Madame Clarisse.

Queen of Shadows

Lysandra and Evangeline ride in a carriage driven by Kellan Oppel to Aelin Galathynius's apartment. When Lysandra begs Aelin to speak with her in private, Aelin threatens to kill Lysandra and Kellan and ensure that the "little protegee" says nothing, remarking that the girl will probably be pleased if Lysandra was killed. Lysandra insists that Evangeline is not her protegee and is not in training. After blackmailing Kellan to secure his promises of secrecy, Aelin opens the carriage door and orders Evangeline to exit the carriage and both her and Lysandra to go inside. Lysandra objects, saying that Evangeline can wait in the carriage, but Aelin refuses to leave a child in a carriage in the slums and gently coaxes her out of the carriage.

Inside the apartment, Aelin shows Evangeline her favorite place to sit. She gives her permission to read some of the books in the apartment or eat a blueberry tart from the kitchen, offering her the choice of which to do. Lysandra watches her with motherly affection as Evangeline politely accepts the offer of the tart and vanishes into the kitchen. As Lysandra and Aelin speak, Lysandra reveals that she believes Arobynn Hamel has sent her as a gift for Aelin—a gift to be killed. Aelin immediately assumes that Lysandra has brought Evangeline to serve as a human shield, but Lysandra tells Aelin that she may kill her if she so chooses and that Evangeline knows what Lysandra suspects and will say nothing.

After Lysandra gives Aelin the letter, Aelin orders her to leave. Evangeline reappears; Lysandra tenderly wraps an arm around her. Lysandra exits the apartment, but Evangeline stays and recounts her own story to Aelin. She tells the assassin that when her mother sold her to Madame Clarisse, she cried so heavily that she made herself sick. Clarisse assigned Evangeline to Lysandra, who Evangeline figured must have irritated Clarisse that particular day, since Lysandra was weeks away from paying off her debts and freeing herself. Lysandra cleaned her up and told her that she couldn't run away (as Lysandra had tried, failed, and consequently been punished brutally for fleeing) but that there was another way to escape the awful fate of a prostitute. Evangeline accepted the proposition, declaring that she would do anything to evade the suffering of the other girls. Lysandra cut her cheeks and began screaming in feigned fury to convince the others that she had injured Evangeline in a fit of rage. When confronted, Lysandra stated that she had hurt Evangeline out of fear that the girl would be a threat. As a result, Lysandra was beaten violently, though she did not cry. Clarisse then required Lysandra to buy Evangeline at the price she would have been worth as a full courtesan, forcing Lysandra into many more years of prostitution. (Lysandra later reveals that as Evangeline grows, Clarisse increases the debt for Evangeline, claiming that someone so beautiful would be worth much more than she originally told Lysandra.) Finishing her story, Evangeline curtsies and descends the staircase. Aelin momentarily reflects on the tale before following them down the stairs and catching her and Lysandra just before they could get into the carriage, asking them to wait.

When the King of Adarlan's elite guard abducts Lysandra, Evangeline rushes to Aelin's apartment and begs for their help. She is left in the care of Sayed Faliq while Aelin, Rowan, Chaol, Nesryn, and Aedion journey to retrieve Lysandra.

Following Lysandra's subsequent rescue, Aelin gives Lysandra a note marked with Clarisse's seal. Upon reading it, Lysandra learns that Aelin has paid hers and Evangeline's debts to Clarisse DuVency and that they may receive their Marks of freedom. Aelin then bestows the title of ladyship on Lysandra and suggests that she name Evangeline her heir. Evangeline and Lysandra have their marks formally stamped off before accompanying Aelin and the rest of her court to Terrasen. During the journey, Evangeline and Fleetfoot become fast friends.

Empire of Storms

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After a disastrous meeting with Lord Darrow, Aelin and Lysandra send Evangeline to live with Ren and Murtaugh Allsbrook, promising them swift retribution should anything happen to her while in their care. She is sent away with Fleetfoot for their own safety and Murtaugh promises to look after the girl as if she were his own granddaughter. Evangeline cries, but takes comfort in Fleetfoot's presence and goes with Ren and his grandfather as requested.

Barnes & Noble Exclusive

Evangeline joins Aelin, Rowan, Aedion, and Lysandra as they travel north to Terrasen. After seeing a group of young children playing and judging her for her scarred face, Evangeline questions her beauty. The group has a discussion about healing her scars and Aedion replies by telling her warmly that there is nothing to fix because she is perfect and beautiful the way she is. Aedion lovingly teaches Evangeline how to make a daisy chain to comfort her, and the group proceeds on their journey northward. During this time, all in their assembled party teach Evangeline swordplay and fighting techniques to defend herself, which she is grateful for and helps set her determination.

Kingdom of Ash

Evangeline is overjoyed to be reunited with Lysandra and Aedion once more. They reunite in the Allsbrook Estate in Terrasen, where she has been staying under the care of Lord Ren and his grandfather Murtaugh Allsbrook.

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Before the Battle of Orynth, Evangeline is scared out of her wits to see the enemy crawling toward them, and she cannot sleep out of fear. Lysandra brings up a cup of warm milk to her tower bedroom, along with Aedion as a company. Aedion offers her words of comfort and inspiration the night before the battle, describing his own first battle as a child, and tells Evangeline that she is a brave girl. He tells her to see her fear as a positive thing because it means that she knows love and has something worth fighting for. After this, Evangeline is comforted and able to sleep soundly, and the next day, she stands with pride and courage born from Aedion's gentle and inspiring words. Lysandra is grateful for it as she walks to Darrow's office in the castle with her ward.

Darrow shows Evangeline the kingsflame, which she looks at with beauty and wonder. Darrow then asks Evangeline to help him in this battle and be his messenger, responsible for running messages to the commanders and fetching supplies as needed. Evangeline accepts this role with pride and courage, happy to be assisting in the battle and no longer afraid.

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At the coronation of Aelin Galathynius, Evangeline serves as one of Aelin's handmaidens. Alongside her mother figure, Lysandra, and Elide Lochan, the Lady of Perranth, she walks down the aisle and helps Darrow with the coronation. She gives the crown to Darrow to be used in her Queen's coronation.


Evangeline is a quiet, observant girl. Perhaps as a result of living in a brothel, she tends to be demure. Despite her age, she is wise and understanding, as shown when she accepted Lysandra's offer to scar her face so would not have to spend her life as a prostitute. Evangeline is also kind, loving, joyous, and has a wild spirit; she is loyal to Terrasen and proudly calls it her home.

Physical Description

Evangeline is a delicately built girl with porcelain skin and small hands. Her hair is red-gold, and her intelligent eyes are citrine. She is very beautiful, despite the deep scars on both of her cheeks, which Lysandra was forced to brand her with to save her from a terrible fate in the brothel. Evangeline had Madame Clarisse's sigil, a snake in midnight ink, tattooed on her wrist, marking her as a former acolyte of the brothel. The tattoo was branded over when she and Lysandra gained their freedom back. Aelin believes her to be no older than eleven.



Since Evangeline was assigned to her, Lysandra has acted as a motherly figure to her. She is extremely protective of her and is willing to sacrifice her own happiness and safety for Evangeline's well-being, as evinced by Lysandra's willingness to scar Evangeline's face and endure the resulting consequences, which included a violent beating and years' worth of arrears being added to Lysandra's almost-paid-off debt.

In turn, Evangeline loves Lysandra dearly. She explained to Aelin the story of how Lysandra saved her, which caused Aelin to reconsider her angry dismissal of Lysandra and the forging of Aelin and Lysandra's friendship.

Lysandra has been named a lady of Terrasen, so Evangeline may very well become her heir. She is also Lysandra's ward.

Clarisse DuVency

Evangeline has no love for Madame Clarisse DuVency. She dislikes Clarisse's occupation and her treatment of the prostitutes, especially Lysandra.

Aelin Galathynius

Despite the initial animosity between Aelin and Lysandra, Aelin was friendly and gracious to Evangeline, due to Aelin's gentleness toward children. Aelin, concerned for the child's safety, invited her into the apartment so she did not have to wait in a carriage in the slums while Lysandra and Aelin talked. Reasoning that Evangeline did not have many choices in life because she lived in a brothel, Aelin allowed her to choose what to do while she waited.

Evangeline served as a driving force behind the forging of Aelin and Lysandra's friendship, as she was the one who explained how Lysandra saved her, which softened Aelin's heart and made her reconsider her hostility toward Lysandra.

When Evangeline appeared at Aelin's apartment pleading for help rescuing Lysandra, Aelin not only set off to rescue Lysandra but also ensured that Evangeline was safely in Sayed Faliq's custody while she and her friends were away. Upon their return, Aelin reveals to Lysandra that she has paid off her debt to Madame Clarisse along with Evangeline's.

In Kingdom of Ash, Aelin welcomes Evangeline warmly into the castle of Orynth, accepting her lovingly into her court.

Aedion Ashryver

Evangeline shares a caring, and loving relationship with Aedion.

In the Empire of Storms Barnes & Noble Exclusive, Aedion treats her with kindness and warmth and is quick to remind her that she is beautiful no matter what and that she is perfect the way she is, scars and all. Evangeline loves him for it and is often happy when he is around. Aedion also teaches Evangeline how to make a daisy chain to comfort her, while on the journey to Terrasen.

In Empire of Storms, Aedion is seen brushing a kiss on Evangeline's soaked forehead in a sweet farewell.

In Kingdom of Ash, Evangeline worries for Aedion when she hears that he's been badly wounded. She comes to care for Aedion very much and says she hasn't decided whether she wishes him to be a brotherly figure or a fatherly figure to her. Later, when she and Darrow approach Aedion and Lysandra, she says that it should have been the two of them together from the very start, indicating that she ships Lysaedion and trusts him to care for Lysandra.



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