You deserve to have someone who will burn the earth to ash for you.

–-Essar to Rowan, about Aelin

Essar is a noble Fae female and a former lover of Lorcan Salvatarre. She is the sister of Dresenda.


Essar is a noble Fae who grew up in the southeast countryside, at her father's vineyard[1]. When she reached a certain age, she was sent to Doranelle to enter society. Remelle remarks that Essar has been unlucky in love. Essar and Lorcan were formerly lovers. Lorcan never chose Essar over the blood-oath to Maeve and it is implied this is part of what led to their separation.

Empire of Storms Exclusive

In the Empire of Storms exclusive, Essar helps Celaena in the kitchen while trying to learn information about the relationship between Celaena and Rowan. Celaena notes that Essar does not speak reverently of Maeve and Essar replies that not everyone is a willing slave to Maeve. Essar states that she would never swear an oath to Maeve.

As Remelle, Benson and Essar leave Mistward and continue on their journey, Rowan asks Essar what her price is for not revealing that Celaena is Aelin, the lost Queen of Terrasen. Essar states that there is no price, that she will deal with Benson and Remelle. Essar says that she has never seen Rowan present another female as his equal and recognizes that Aelin is a gift to the world and to Rowan. She would not take that away from him[1].

Kingdom of Ash

Elide encounters Essar, Dresenda, and a group of males at a tavern in Doranelle. Posing as Cairn’s jilted sad lover Elide attempts wheedling on Cairn’s whereabouts from them. Initially sympathetic to Elide’s purported plight, Essar offers aid to her; she grows disturbed, however, when Elide reveals that the man she is seeking is Cairn. She and the others claim to know nothing about where Cairn is, and when Elide pressed further, she becomes irritated. Elide thanks the group for their help and departs the tavern.

As she adjusts her disguise in the mirror, Essar appears behind her. Elide fears the Fae female might do her harm, but Essar demonstrates her magical abilities and reassures her that she will not hurt her. Essar enjoins Elide to avoid Cairn, stating that he is a monster. Elide insists that she must find him, but Essar is not fooled by the ruse. When Elide persists, Essar tells her that Cairn, until yesterday, was in the city; now he can be found in the eastern camp outside Doranelle. Elide demands proof; Essar points out that Cairn has not been harassing the patrons of Doranelle’s finest venues, revealing that she holds no love for Maeve or the torturer. Essar goes on to say that her sister herself spotted him in the camp that very morning.

Skeptical, Elide asks for further evidence of her credibility, to which Essar replies that if she tells Lorcan and Rowan about her, they will vouch for her. At Elide’s hesitation, Essar reveals that she and Lorcan were lovers in the past. As she turns to return to her companions, Essar advises Elide not to pursue information about Cairn at any other taverns because he is generally despised, but that those who do like him are unsavory company.

Elide asks where Maeve is, and Essar understands that Maeve has captured Aelin and that Aelin was the source of the power she felt a few nights prior. She says that she does not know where Maeve is or when she will come back, only that she is not currently in the city. Elide asks if Dresenda knows where in the camp Cairn dwells. Essar fetches Dresenda, and the three share information and plan for the next hour.[2]


Essar is clever, genuinely kind, and loves chocolate. Rowan says that he never understood why Lorcan did not try to hold onto Essar, reflecting that she was good for him[1].

Physical description

Essar is described as beautiful and small, with long dark brown hair, chestnut eyes and golden brown skin. Essar is said to have a set of curves that even Celaena envies and seems to glow with an inner light[1].

Powers and abilities

Fire magic: Essar has a small amount of fire magic and can produce flames in her hand. Her gift is mainly good for small fires, such as a campfire. It is not considered impressive or dangerous by other Fae. Essar tells Celaena that her training began at a very young age and she has had two centuries to master her gift.


Essar is no longer in a relationship with Lorcan, but tells Rowan to give him her regards if he sees Lorcan.


Empire of Storms Exclusive (Target)

Kingdom of Ash


  • Aelin first decides that she likes Essar after Essar declares she would kill for anything chocolate to eat.


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