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Map of Erilea

Erilea is the continent where the main storyline takes place.


From the dawn of time, the continent of Erilea has been home to humans, wild animals and Fae. Temperatures drop enough for snow to fall as far as the middle of the continent, while the south is hit with strong sunlight and high temperatures. At the far east of Erilea and beyond the Great Ocean lies Wendlyn, while to the south lies the Southern Continent.

Erilea is comprised of the following countries and territories: the Frozen Wastes, the Western Wastes, the Deserted Land, Eyllwe, Melisande, Fenharrow, Adarlan, Terrasen, and the Dead Islands.

To the north are the Frozen Wastes. In the most northwestern corner is Amaroth, a tower whose construction was ordered by the King of Adarlan a few years before the invasion of Terrasen. West and south of Amaroth runs a mountain range. Southeast of Amaroth lie the Ruins of Morla. The Jungle of Morla is positioned just south of the ruins.

South of the Frozen Wastes lie the Western Wastes, a wide expanse of fertile land once known as the Witch Kingdom. This region was once ruled by a centuries-old dynasty of Crochan witches, the last of whom was Rhiannon. When the Crochan dynasty was defeated by the Ironteeth witches, the last Crochan queen cursed the land of the Witch Kingdom. Briarcliff is situated along the coast.

The Deserted Land is a harsh region of Erilea. The dangerous Bogdano Jungle sits on a stretch of land to the east of the Deserted Lands, connecting it with the rest of the continent. Along the eastern coast of the Deserted Land are the cities of Yurpa and Xandria, the latter serving as a sort of capital city. A wide ravine called the Desert Cleaver can be found north of Xandria. The Cleaver's width and perilous drop force travelers to go around it. The Black Dunes take up a fair portion of the southern coast, with their westernmost end being the Black Sands of Roth. North of the Black Sands is the Oasis of Barg; to their northeast, Noll, an Adarlanian outpost, and some active volcanic mountains that house a sacred temple. There are volcano flows off the southwest coast. The Singing Sands, situated in the center of the Deserted Land, require travellers to step on the sands so that the sands' tune stays in harmony; if the music falls out of tune, the sands turn to quicksand. The Red Desert can be found south of the Singing Sands. Northwest of the Cleaver, in the Red Desert, lies the keep of the Silent Assassins.

Eyllwe is on the southeastern end of the continent. Banjali is situated near the Grasslands of Eyllwe. To the west of the Grasslands are the Stone Marshes. The Stone Marshes were once home to a great city of impressive architecture, but a great cataclysm sunk the earth for miles and allowed water and beasts to flow inland from the nearby rivers. It is described as if a god had stomped on the once-great city.

A patch of the Oakwald Forest runs over the northern border; a lake neighbours these woods on their eastern side. Calaculla, a slave labour camp, lies just south of the forest, and the city of Leriba sits along the eastern coast.

Fenharrow is bordered by Adarlan to the north, Melisande to the west, and Eyllwe to the south. The Acanthus River cuts a course through Fenharrow along its border with Melisande. The city of Bellhaven looks out over the Great Ocean. The Dead Islands are off the coast.

Melisande is bordered by Fenharrow to the east, Eyllwe to the south, and Adarlan to the north. The port city of Innish overlooks the Gulf of Oro. A small mountain range delineates its border with Fenharrow and part of the Oakwald Forest presses up against the mountains. There are a few rivers and a lake.

Adarlan shares borders with Terrasen to the north, the Western Wastes to the west, and Melisande and Fenharrow to the south. The territory in which Adarlan now sits was gifted to the first King of Adarlan, Gavin Havilliard, by King Brannon Galathynius of Terrasen. Its capital is the coastal city of Rifthold, through which the Avery River makes its way to the Great Ocean.

Terrasen is located in the northernmost part of Erilea. It was founded by House Galathynius. It's one of the largest kingdoms on the continent. Before the invasion of Adarlan, Terrasen was a powerful country and was a place of learning and magic.

Size of Erilea

The exact measurement of Erilea is unknown.

Countries in Erilea

  • Frozen Wastes
  • Western Wastes