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Erawan was the youngest of the three Valg Kings.


Empire of Storms

Erawan makes his first official appearance after hiding as Duke Perrington for decades. This surprises Manon Blackbeak and her grandmother when they meet with him because he looks completely different from the man they had originally worked with. He claims that since his enemies know who is is, so should his allies.

During the meeting, he demands that Manon lead the Ironteeth Witches in an attack on Rifthold and tells Manon to bring Dorian Havilliard to him if he survives.

Kingdom of Ash

Erawan is seen when he meets Queen Maeve in Morath, with her telling him that she wants an "alliance" with him, and offers him six of the kharankui to be joined with the Valg princesses.

Having witnessed the conversation, Dorian Havilliard changes himself into Vernon Lochan and starts to ask questions. As a result, Erawan sends the real Lord Vernon to the Ferian Gap, without knowing that is was Dorian who had asked him such questions. Maeve tries to seduce Erawan, but he isn't interested, given that she is still his brother's wife. Instead, he sends her a human to fulfill her needs, something that Maeve did not want.

After Dorian destroys Morath, Erawan appears in Orynth with Maeve and the rest of the host of Morath, which has been hidden in Perranth.

Aelin confronts him and she starts telling him all the things that Maeve plans to do after the battle, attempting to sow suspicion between them. She succeeds in making Erawan doubt Maeve, as he fears healing magic and senses during their ensuing fight that there are skilled healers in Orynth. He threatens to kill Maeve if Aelin's claims prove true, and an ilken snatches him up to fly to the city, leaving Maeve to battle Aelin alone.

Erawan lands on the balcony of the castle and approaches Yrene, who has been sending up flares of magic to attract him. As he does so, he reveals that he was only pretending to be afraid of her in order to fool Maeve and Aelin; in reality he wanted to find her because she is an exceptionally powerful healer, and capable of cleaving Wyrdkeys from the Gates by herself. He explains that in his world healers were known as "death-maidens," and were capable of both making and unmaking life. He reveals his desire to capture Yrene and use her as part of his army. Caught up in his one-sided conversation, Erawan fails to notice that he is walking into a trap.

He steps onto a Wyrdmark drawn on the ground that holds him and prevents him from moving. "Yrene" is revealed to be Dorian, who shape-shifted into her, and Lysandra—in ruk form—drops Yrene from the sky while Elide emerges from the tower and rushes at him with Damaris. Erawan is caught off guard. Dorian blasts him with healing magic, Yrene sprints at him, and Elide impales him with Damaris, pinning him to the ground. Yrene lays her hands on him and begins burning out the demonic parts of him. When her strength ebbs, she cuts her hand and links with Dorian and using his raw strength, she destroys Erawan, leaving him a burnt-out husk that Dorian engulfs in flame. In the end, only a stain on the balcony floor remains.


Erawan, as the last remaining Valg king, was very malicious and cold. Although he was physically beautiful, he was noted to be very cruel, arrogant, and demanding. He was absolutely ruthless in his plans to take over Erilea.

He was shown to feel some form of affection or love for his brothers, as he spent millennia trying to get them back and was wholly dedicated to ensuring their return.

He also had a form of honor, as he was not willing to cheat on his brother with his wife, Maeve.

Physical Description

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For decades, Erawan had inhabited Duke Perrington's body, and therefore took on his appearance.

However, in Empire of Storms, Erawan officially shed Perrington's body and showed his true form. He was described as an incredibly beautiful man with ivory skin, golden-blonde hair, and brilliant gold eyes identical to Manon's. There was clearly strength in his sculpted body. However, he was also described as being obviously cruel from his appearance. His voice was demanding, "carnal and lovely and cruel." He moved with feline grace, had long, powerful fingers, and broad shoulders.

Skills and Abilities

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Erawan's abilities are akin to that of a Valg Prince but much stronger. He can create and control darkness enough to cover an entire battlefield. He can control people's minds and make them do his bidding or break their sanity. He can also control all other Valg in his world, as can his brothers. He can use darkness to teleport. He is immortal. Erawan is also strong enough to keep his darkness and corruption contained so that he cannot be sensed by others. However, this also reduces his ability to sense magic users. Erawan is also an accomplished battle commander, mostly able to win large-scale battles.