Emrys and his mate Malakai.

Emrys is a Demi-Fae who both works in the kitchens and serves as the Story Keeper at Mistward Keep.


Emrys is elderly and hunched, with gnarled hands and white hair, the latter of which he ties back from his face. His skin is tan and he has chestnut brown eyes.


Despite the prestige of his title of Story Keeper, Emrys is a humble man. He is very observant, which allows him to notice when another person is struggling internally. Combined with this perceptivity, his gentle compassion and wise words make him well-respected at Mistward.


Before Throne of Glass

Emrys's father was most likely a Fae male who sired him with a human mother. When Emrys was fifteen, he came to Mistward Keep. Though he trained for the following ten years, he still failed to win the favour of Maeve and others in Doranelle, so he decided that he would rather stay in Mistward and have a home instead of being looked down on by those in Doranelle for the rest of his life. By this point, Emrys and Malakai had already bonded as mates.

Heir of Fire

Rowan escorts Celaena to the kitchens of Mistward Keep and introduces herself as Elentiya. Likewise, Emrys introduces himself and Luca, informing her that she and Luca will attend to much of the scullery work. Emrys notices Celaena's scarred hands, and she knows that he was deduced her history from her scars, her accent, and her wounds. She offers to perform whichever tasks he needs her to; he gazes at her pityingly, then instructs her to finish chopping the onions Luca was cutting. Emrys was later yelled at and insulted by Celaena after Rowan had rejected her as his friend. Emrys was later the one to tell Rowan that she needed someone to guide her out of her darkness.

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