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The Empire of Storms Exclusive (Barnes & Noble) is a short story released in the Barnes & Noble edition of Sarah J. Maas's Empire of Storms.

Official Synopsis

After a hard-fought journey, the Queen of Terrasen has finally returned to her beloved kingdom. But Aelin's territory is not as she remembered. Adarlan has burned villages into smoldering ruins and left its people brutally scarred—if they were left alive at all.

Even though Adarlan's armies are at last marching out of Terrasen, the roads are still watched enough that Aelin, Rowan, Aedion, Lysandra, and Evangeline keep hidden in the shadows of Oakwald Forest as they travel to Orynth, the capital. But when supplies run low, the newly formed court must risk venturing into one of those hard-hit surviving villages to restock their stores.

What they discover is not at all what Aelin and her friends anticipate—something far more precious than supplies . . .Read on for an exclusive look at an afternoon Aelin and her court will not soon forget, and one that may forever shape her vision of Terrasen's future.


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