You could rattle the stars. You could do anything if you only dared. And deep down, you know it too, and that's what scares you the most.

–Elena to Celaena Sardothien -Throne of Glass

Elena Havilliard (née Galathynius) was the daughter of the Fae king Brannon and is the first Queen of Adarlan. She was also the mate and wife of Gavin Havilliard, the first King of Adarlan.

She is the direct ancestor of the members of House Havilliard, and at the same time is a descendant to Terrasen's royal family, House Galathynius.


Before the Story

Elena was born to a Fae King, Brannon Galathynius, and his wife, Mala Fire-Bringer. During the time of her youth, a war against the Valg King Erawan was fought. Some time before the final battle Elena met and fell in love with Gavin Havilliard, and later married him. She used the Lock to temporarily seal the Valg King under the mountain at Morath. The Lock was later named "The Eye of Elena".[1]

Unfortunately her brave deeds were forgotten, and the queen was usually depicted as a damsel in distress, as stated by her ghost. The tombs of her and her husband are placed beneath the grounds of the Glass Castle in Rifthold.

Throne of Glass

Elena returns as a being said to be neither ghost nor human. The queen helps Celaena and gives her advice after the assassin's first visit to the castle's underground. Eventually she does rescue her from the hands of Cain, during the King's Champion Tournament, which almost ends with Sardothien's death.[2]

Crown of Midnight

Elena seems to be at peace now that Celaena knows what evil lurks in the Glass Castle, and does not appear to her.[3]

Empire of Storms

Elena appears twice: once when summoned and again in the Witch Mirror. Inside the Witch Mirror, Manon and Aelin discover the undiluted truth about the battle against Erawan. They discover that Elena broke the Lock 1,000 years earlier to defeat Erawan, but as payment for doing so and ruining the one shot the world had at sending evil back to where it came the Gods make Elena raise, guide and prepare 'sheep for the slaughter', to sacrifice and create a new lock. This whole time Elena has been raising Celaena up to become a sacrifice.[1]

Kingdom of Ash

Elena manifests when Aelin attempts to seal the Wyrdkeys with Dorian. The gods appear as well, and some of them remark on how long it's taken to finally go home. Elena is visibly scared and upset at her impending evanescence, her debt fulfilled. Aelin tries to bargain with the gods to let Elena return to the afterlife with her family, and Deanna initially looks as if she will do it. Instead, she destroys Elena's soul completely while Aelin and Mala watch.

Physical description

As a Demi-Fae, Elena was incredibly beautiful, with fair skin, silver hair and pointy ears.

Personality and traits

Elena was said to be brave, willful and wise, strongly supporting her husband, Gavin, during the war.

Skills and abilities

  • Immortality: As a Demi-Fae daughter of Brannon, Elena was gifted with immortality, which she later gave up to live alongside Gavin.
  • Raw Magic: Elena is told to have the most versatile type of magic, raw magic



  • The name "Elena" is a variant form of Ellen (Helen), meaning "light" or "torch".


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