“Not her,” she said quietly. “All the others,” she added with a stark look at Sartaq, who nodded grimly. “But never Duva.”

Hasar about Duva - Tower of Dawn

Duva is the second-youngest child of the khagan of the Southern Continent, Urus.


Duva is the second youngest in her family. She was always very sweet and quiet, so much so that her siblings formed an agreement that no matter who became khagan, they would not harm her in any way. Even her father, Urus, is said to love her more than her siblings.

Rather than find love on her own and risk being deceived, Duva asked her father to arrange a marriage for her. Urus complied, and she was married to a foreign prince from an overseas territory to the far east; a southern neighbor of Doranelle. Duke Perrington, as Erawan, had a Valg ring sent to Duva as a wedding gift; she was possessed by the Valg princess enclosed within it as soon as her husband set the ring on her finger.

Under the Valg's control, Duva began searching for the healer Erawan had heard of that had been blessed by Silba. Duva's younger sister, Tumelun, noticed the change in Duva and confronted her about it. To protect herself, the Valg princess forced Duva to push Tumelun off her balcony, threatening to kill her unborn child. Duva was aware the whole time, and could only scream inside her head as the Valg killed her sister. The Valg then pretended to find Tumelun's body that night with Duva's husband.[1]

Tower of Dawn

Duva, heavily pregnant with her first child, is present by her father to welcome Chaol Westfall and Nesryn Faliq to Antica. Nesryn notes her protectively stroking her belly during their discussions.

Duva then attends dinner that night with her husband, who sits quietly beside her and only speaks with her throughout the event. She speaks little herself. Occupied by her pregnancy, Duva spends much time away from the rest of her family. In reality the Valg within her uses her to torment Yrene Towers at the Torre Cesme and even kills a young healer at the Torre to feed from.

At an opiate party thrown by Duva's siblings, the Valg has her leave on the pretext that the smoke is harmful to her baby. It then makes its way to Yrene's room at the Torre and destroys the texts she has taken from the library.

After Yrene finds out how important healers are against Erawan, the Valg princess kidnaps Hafiza from her rooms and takes her into the tunnels beneath the Torre to use as bait. Yrene, with Chaol, goes after Hafiza and finds her in a room in the tunnels, with Duva waiting for them. The Valg reveals itself and gloats over its success in fooling them all, revealing its part in Tumelun's death. It proceeds to attack Yrene, but is intercepted by Chaol; the Valg shreds his spine and pursues Yrene. After capturing her, she uses her self-defence skills to knock Duva out as Nesryn and Sartaq arrive.

The group takes Duva up to Chaol's rooms, and Yrene purges her of the Valg princess with her father, the khagan, present along with the rest of her siblings. Duva, healed, wakes up and tearfully confirms the Valg's admission of killing Tumelun. She worries that her baby, as a result of her possession, might not be human but Yrene uses her magic to ascertain that the baby is indeed human and well. Her family embraces her as she weeps, and her husband arrives to comfort her.


Duva is a sweet, passive woman. She is kind and has no interest in being khagan, or in scheming as her siblings do. This attitude is what led her siblings to swear to leave her be after one of them is crowned.

Physical Description

Duva is a fine-boned, comely woman. She has a slight build, and wears a large, thick silver ring with a sapphire of near-obscene size set in it as her wedding ring. She has slender hands. As she comes from the Southern Continent and is of Antican descent, it can be assumed that she has black hair. According to Nesryn, she has a sweet face.


Duva cares for her siblings, as they do for her. She also loves her husband very much, and he adores her in return.




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