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Duke Perrington is the cousin of the King of Adarlan, and the Duke of Morath. It is later revealed that, throughout the series, he was inhabited by the Valg king Erawan who was planning to use the Wyrdkeys to release more Valg into Erilea.


When Perrington was young, he was friends with the future King of Adarlan. The King found a Wyrdkey in Rifthold and took it to Morath to show Perrington, who took his friend to the crypt below Morath, which, unbeknownst to them, served as a prison for Erawan and his minions. The King unwittingly opened the crypt with the Wyrdkey, and Perrington was possessed by the Valg king while his minion took over the young King. Erawan then proceeded to control Perrington and attempt to hunt down magic users while living with the King of Adarlan in Rifthold.

When the King visited the royals of Terrasen many years later in an attempt to provoke a young Aelin Galathynius into killing him, Perrington, as Erawan, resolved to wipe out Aelin's line as he feared their magic.[1]

Throne of Glass

Perrington travels with Prince Dorian Havilliard and Chaol Westfall to Endovier to retrieve Celaena Sardothien. When Celaena does not bow before Dorian, Perrington tackles her to the floor and berates her. Dorian reprimands Perrington, remarking that he knows he respects him but that his attack on Celaena is only meant to humiliate her. Perrington obeys the prince's orders reluctantly.

Perrington is revealed to be the significant other of Kaltain Rompier, who snagged his attention in the hope that he would bring her to Rifthold.

Queen of Shadows

Perrington, overseeing the training of the Ironteeth Witches in his stronghold in Morath on the orders of the King of Adarlan, calls a meeting to issue orders to Manon Blackbeak and her Thirteen. While explaining what he wants them to look for on their mission, he caresses Kaltain's arm, which Manon notes is covered in many bruises.

As Manon turns to leave, Perrington calls her and tells her that she must refer to him as "Your Grace", which Manon refuses to do. Unfazed by this, Perrington laughs and is left alone with Kaltain in the council room.

He later summons Manon again and tells her to provide a Blackbeak unit for experimental breeding with the Valg. Manon outright refuses and begins to threaten him if he touches one of the clan; Perrington responds by threatening her right back, that he will make mincemeat of her Wyvern Abraxos if she does not comply. Perrington sends word to the Blackbeak Matron of her granddaughter's disobedience, and Manon reluctantly tells him to use a coven of Yellowlegs instead, snapping at him when he demands Blackbeak's instead. When she questions his reasons for raising an army he says that the world has dwelled in ignorance to long.

As a warning for disobeying his orders, Perrington denies Manon and her Thirteen access to the Yellowlegs being experimented on. She bursts into his chambers to demand answers and interrupts the torture of a young soldier by Kaltain, who Perrington wishes to practice using her shadowfire. He is angry at first, shouting for her to leave, but eventually, he answers her questions and reveals that there are princes among the Valg.

The Duke demands a Blackbeak coven for the experiments with the Valg and has the Thirteen fly him to a small village which he has Kaltain decimate with her fire. He grows impatient waiting for Manon to provide a coven for him to use. Soon afterward, the Keep in Morath is half destroyed by Kaltain's shadowfire, though Perrington survives and orders the witches trained in three weeks and ready for battle.

Before the King of Adarlan's death, he reveals the truth about Perrington to Aelin and Dorian.

After Dorian is crowned King, Perrington issues a decree naming him an enemy of Adarlan. He takes credit for liberating Rifthold from Dorian and Aelin and continues raising his army.

Personality and traits

Perrington is cruel, manipulative, and dishonest. He is also prideful and has shown perverted tendencies. It is unknown whether this is simply a result of his possession by Erawan.

Physical description

Duke Perrington is said to be a large man. He has obsidian eyes and thinning red hair. He also has a sandy mustache and meaty hands.



  • Perrington's status is currently unknown, as Erawan later appears to Manon in Empire of Storms as a handsome young man with golden hair. It is possible that Erawan simply changed his shape, but the body still belongs to Perrington.