Manon Blackbeak

Manon, not knowing why she cares, visits Dorian after asking Asterin about love, hinting a future romance between the two. The two later meet again and continue to tease each other, leading into a romance between the two. After a few weeks of teasing, romance, and kissing, Dorian walks into Manon's room. Manon tells Dorian to "finish what he started". It is inferred that "what he started", was a night where they had kissed and Dorian had left saying "I'm not finished with you yet". Following, this, the two have sex. Their relationship gets much more intimate in Kingdom of Ash, where in Manon asks Dorian if he would want to marry her, giving up her freedom for the sake of the world. Dorian refuses, though their relationship is still very romantic. At the end of the book, Yrene asks them why they don't marry, and none of them make a response.

Aelin Galathynius

Dorian first met Aelin when they were children, prior to the conquest of Terrasen. His memories of that meeting remained hazy, but he remembered her as a precocious, wild girl, who had asked her older cousin, Aedion Ashryver, to teach Dorian a lesson after he had spilt tea on her.

The two of them develop a bond during the King's Champion Tournament, and within this period of time Dorian shares a friendly relationship with her, showering her with numerous gifts: books, sweets and a pet dog. They even share multiple kisses, although at the end Aelin rejects him, believing that they do not have any chances for a future, as Dorian is the Crown Prince of Adarlan.

Afterward, she and Dorian remain close friends. Each cares deeply about the other's safety, and they come to one another for advice.


Dorian first met Sorscha when he got hurt. Sorscha helps him patch up, and during her point of view, it mentions that she has had a crush since the moment she met Dorian. Dorian and Sorscha start talking, and Dorian slowly falls in love with Sorscha. When she finds out Dorian can wield magic, Dorian kisses Sorscha, and they become lovers. Dorian's father reveals that Sorscha was working with the rebels, and he beheads her. Dorian has always loved Sorscha, even when he met Manon.


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