Early Life

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Throne of Glass

Aelin Galathynius, also going by Celaena Sardothien, Adarlan's Assassin, is sent to bow before Dorian after having been retrieved by Chaol Westfall from the salt mines of Endovier. During this encounter, Dorian informs Celaena of his plans for her: his father has made the decision to host a tournament to determine the new royal Champion of Adarlan, and she is to compete as Dorian's competitor and to win the contest, therefore officially becoming the royal Champion. If Celaena wins and serves the King, she will earn her freedom at the end of her contract in six years. As an extra incentive, Dorian offers to bargain with his father for a four-year contract instead. Celaena is reluctant at first but eventually agrees after hearing Dorian's proposal and the true prize of winning. Dorian releases her from the mines and brings her along with himself and his court to Rifthold.

During the progression of the Tournament, Dorian develops a friendship, and gradually, romantic relationship with the assassin. In the end, however, when she wins his father's tournament, she shortly breaks it off with him as she believes that their relationship wouldn't be suitable given their circumstances.

Crown of Midnight

Dorian's cousin, Roland, moves to Rifthold to accept a position in the Royal Council. Dorian harbors a great distaste for Roland, although he treats him with the proper formalities. While giving him a tour of the castle and its grounds, they run into Celaena and Chaol, who are on their morning run. He introduces Celaena to Roland as Lillian Gordaina. When Chaol becomes aggressive, Dorian recognizes the signals and avoids confrontation by leaving with Roland.[3]

At Hollin's welcoming dinner, he notices the look Celaena and Chaol exchange, and he decides to let Celaena go.

At a ball (thrown for Hollin), he slips away from the crowd for a brief time and spies Celaena and Chaol dancing in the garden. He feels a pang of jealousy and sadness as he watches them. While he looks on, Nehemia approaches him and asks about Celaena; Dorian responds that he has let her go. Nehemia then broaches the subject of Calaculla, as the council is debating whether to increase the number of slaves there and Roland has prohibited her from attending to weigh in. She implores him to oppose the plan, and while Dorian hates the plan, he fears to confront his father. Before leaving to re-join the party, Nehemia places a finger on his chest, telling him that there is an ancient power inside and that when it awakes, she will help him. At this, Dorian feels some power stir inside him, but he does not understand Nehemia's mysterious message.

At the council meeting, the plan for the Calaculla labor camp is discussed. Most of the council supports the suggested action; Dorian, however, does not. Remembering what Nehemia said to him, he argues that the new slaves will need living quarters. When Roland rebutts that they could simply build more structures or use some old buildings, Dorian vehemently insists that the way to curb rebellion is not through oppression. He then storms out of the conference room and heads down a hall to cool down. Finally, in a secluded hallway, Dorian's rage boils over and he punches the wall. He is flabbergasted when the stone cracks under the blow and the nearby window shatters, but he is left untouched; he vomits in shock.

Thereafter, Dorian spends much of his time exploring his new abilities.

Heir of Fire

After getting injured while using his magic, Dorian goes to the healers, and meets a young healer named Sorscha, who heals his wounds. She becomes suspicious about his injuries and he tells her that he is a magic wielder. She agrees to help him control his magic. Soon their relationship becomes romantic and they become lovers. Unfortunately for her, and him, their relationship is short-lived and results in a chain of destructive events, one of which leads him to being possessed by a Valg prince, using a Wyrdstone collar and Sorscha being beheaded for treason. 

Queen of Shadows

Dorian remains imprisoned in his own body. Due to the Wyrdstone collar that has been placed around his neck by his father, a Valg Prince has gained possession of control over his entire body both physically and mentally. Aelin aspires to kill him throughout a large portion of the time Dorian is enslaved. However, after meeting Dorian, Manon discovers that the Valg Prince has not yet fully taken over his entire existence and informs Aelin, leading her to veer towards the other direction instead of killing him and to eventually save him from the Valg Prince.

Dorian, with the help of Aelin, eventually destroys the prince inside him and the collar, regaining control of his own body. He kills his father and, in one blast of magic, shatters the glass castle. He is ultimately crowned King of Adarlan.

Empire of Storms

After Adarlan is taken over, Dorian and Rowan Whitethorn travel to Skull's Bay where they meet the Cadre (excluding Connall, Vaughan and Lorcan Salvaterre) and wait for Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Aedion Ashryver and Lysandra to arrive. After Aelin secures that Dorian travels with Aelin, Aedion, Lysandra, Gavriel, Fenrys and Rowan on the ship. Where Manon also arrives after battling her Grandmother, Mother Blackbeak. Near the end of the book, Elide and Lorcan also join them and Elide explains that she and Manon only survived because of Kaltain Rompier. Dorian feels ashamed that he underestimated Kaltain, she had changed the tide of the war by giving Elide a Wyrdkey and using her shadowfire to burn down a third of Morath, killing herself in the process.

Kingdom of Ash

Dorian, Manon and the rest of the Thirteen are off gathering the Crochans. After Dorian finds out he can shapeshift, he sneaks into Morath, where Maeve finds him. However he offers to marry her, and she lets him live, and even tells him her history and tries to help him bring down Erawan. All the while Dorian was setting up a trap and eventually left Maeve in a collapsing Morath with Erawan. He comes across Aelin and Chaol and travels with them to Terrasen. While they are near Endovier, Aelin and Dorian decide to forge the lock. In between the worlds, the former King of Adarlan, King Dorian I, (Dorian's father) takes his son’s place, as he wouldn't have survived forging the lock. Thus both Dorian and Aelin survive, although Aelin lost her human body and the majority of her fire powers, and Dorian's magic is no longer infinite.

As they arrive in Orynth, it seems impossible to win the battle. And everything spirales further down after Maeve and Erawan appear. Aelin went to talk to them alone, setting them up against each other. This distraction is used to kidnap Erawan inside and let Yrene "heal" the Valg out of him. Dorian, helping Yrene by joining their blood together, demands Erawan for his father's name (as Erawan was the one who wiped it from everyone's memory). Mistakenly, Erawan answers that the King's name "is his own" -- Dorian. He continues to explain that his father remembered his name once: when he held Dorian for the first time after he was born. After revealing this, Erawan dies. (Around the same time Aelin and her cadre are finishing off Maeve.)

Days after their victory Chaol, Yrene, Dorian and Manon are talking to each other; Yrene told Manon and Dorian to just marry already, at which Dorian wanted to apologise to Manon, but Manon answered that "they shall see", leaving Dorian with a little hope for their future. Eventually, they came up with a solution: Manon is going to be rebuilding her kingdom in the Wastes, not so far off from Adarlan, and the other witches could handle her being gone (visiting Dorian) for a while.

A week after Aelin's coronation, they all leave Orynth to return to their own kingdoms to rebuild them. Dorian leaves with Chaol and Yrene to Adarlan.

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