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Doranelle, called the City of Rivers, is the Fae city ruled by Queen Maeve. It is located east of the country of Wendlyn.


Doranelle is located beyond the Cambrian Mountains where the air is heavy with spice and magic and the temperature warm. There are pretty stone villages as you travel south and Doranelle is situated in a lush valley, surrounded by forests and fields protected by the rough mountains monitored by Maeve’s wild wolves and the demi-Fae fortresses like Mistward that mark the border between the human and the Fae lands.

It is a beautiful city built of pale stone, carved, polished and gleaming, built on a massive island in the center of several rivers, the waters raging as the tributaries from the surrounding hills and mountains blended. On the island’s north end, the rivers toppled over the mouth of a mighty waterfall, its basin so huge that the mist floated into the clear day, setting the domed buildings, pearlescent spires, and blue rooftops shining. There are two elegant stone bridges spanning the river, heavily guarded leading into the city. The winding, elegant streets are full of musicians and dancing and vendors selling hot food and drinks.

Maeve lives in a shining palace of pale stone and sky-blue gossamer curtains, the floors a mosaic of delicate tiles depicting various scenes; from dancing maidens to pastorals to the night sky. Throughout the building, the river itself ran in tiny streams, sometimes gathering in pools freckled with night-blooming lilies. Jasmine wove around the massive columns, and lights of colored glass hung from the arched ceilings. The palace was open to the elements and faint music can be heard, placid compared to the riot of sound and color in the city outside the mammoth marble palace walls.


Heir of Fire

After Aelin completes her training with Rowan, they journey to Doranelle to meet with Queen Maeve as part of Aelin's bargain with the queen.

Queen of Shadows

Empire of Storms


  • Aelin suspects that Maeve built her city out of stone and surrounded by water to protect it from Brannon's fire magic.
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