Damaris is an ancient magical sword, called the Sword of Truth, first wielded by the first King of Adarlan, Gavin Havilliard. Legend says that the

bearer—Gavin—could see the truth when he wielded it. It was found by Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and she returned it to House Havilliard, giving it to Dorian.


It is the legendary sword of Gavin, the sword he had wielded in the fierce wars that had almost ripped apart the continent, the sword that had slain the Dark Lord Erawan. Even after a thousand years, it hadn't rusted. Though magic might have vanished, it seemed that the power that had forged the blade lived on. "Damaris," she whispered, naming the blade.

–Celaena Sardothien, Throne of Glass

Not much is known about Damaris before the events of Throne of Glass, except that it was wielded, and presumably created for, the first king of Adarlan—Gavin—during a series of wars, and that it killed the Dark Lord Erawan. After Gavin's death, the sword was placed in his and Elena Havilliard's tomb. As the tomb was forgotten, so was the sword.

The next known encounter with Damaris was when the future King of Adarlan discovered the tomb, taking from it the tomb when the King would have had to use Damaris to read the riddle discussing the location of the Wyrdkeys.

Throne of Glass

Celaena Sardothien visits the tomb in a dream and later uses the sword to slay the Ridderak set on her by Cain.

Crown of Midnight

In Crown of Midnight, Celaena Sardothien once again visits the tomb and takes the sword with her to hunt down Grave. Later, she too reads the riddle with the aid of the sword. She takes Damaris into the secret passage/dungeons entered through the library, where she kills the creature she finds there with Damaris, and with the help of Dorian Havilliard.

After entering the portal opened by the Wyrdmarks, Sardothien channels her power into the sword and slams it down into the earth, which causes huge pieces of land to crack and fall away. She later slays Archer Finn with Damaris.

Heir of Fire

Near the conclusion of Heir of Fire, while fleeing the castle, Chaol Westfall retrieves Damaris from the tomb and takes the sword to Celaena's apartment in Rifthold. He later discards his previous sword with the golden eagle pommel into the Avery River because it was well known as Captain of the guard Chaol Westfall's sword.


It's hilt was silvery gold and had little ornamentaion save for a pommel in the shape of an eye. No jewel lay in the socket; it was only an empty ring of gold.

Throne of Glass

Damaris is described by Chaol Westfall to look 'ancient.' Its hilt is silvery gold and its pommel is in the shape of an eye. Its scabbard is decorated with Wyrdmarks. It is about a thousand years old.

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