Cresseida Blueblood is an Ironteeth witch and Matron of the Blueblood Clan.


Heir of Fire

Empire of Storms

As one of the Matrons, Cresseida presides over Manon Blackbeak's trial following the events of the witches' attack on Rifthold. During Asterin Blackbeak's execution at sunrise, Cresseida grants Manon's request to be the one to carry out the sentence, against Iskra Yellowlegs' wishes. This pays her life debt to Manon for saving Petrah Blueblood during the War Games.

Kingdom of Ash

Cresseida and the other Matrons track down Manon and her Thirteen to the Crochan camp in the mountains. She fights Manon but is quickly incapacitated as she is not a trained fighter. Blueblood witches are more interested in spiritual matters and worshipping the Three-Faced Goddess. Cresseida becomes fearful after seeing how easily the former Wing Leader kills the Yellowlegs Matron. She and Manon's grandmother then retreat.

After the Valg war ends, Cresseida and her daughter Petrah, presumably lead their clan back to the Witch Kingdom to rebuild.


Cresseida seems to be more compassionate and less bloodthirsty than the other Clan Matrons. While the Bluebloods can sometimes be the most dangerous of the witches, Cresseida always remained calm and grave like her daughter. The mortals of the Omega seemed to look at Cresseida as if she was the only safe one among them, even with her iron teeth and nails on permanent display. When Petrah was attacked during the War Games, and was falling to the earth, Cresseida screamed for her daughter and got on her knees to thank Manon for saving her. Then when Manon asked for the right to be the one that executed Asterin, Cresseida defied the other Matrons and agreed, allowing Manon the right payment for the life debt owed for saving her daughter.

Physical Description

Cresseida is described as tall, thin, and willowy; more priestess than warrior. She has golden hair and blue eyes. As a High Witch she wears her iron teeth and nails permanently out. As the Blueblood Matron she wears the traditional deep blue robes and a band of barbed iron stars around her brow. Supposedly, the iron crown was proof that the magic in the Blueblood line ran so strong that their leader needed more iron and pain to keep her tethered in this realm.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ironteeth physiology: As an Ironteeth witch Cresseida possesses sharp, retractable iron teeth and nails.
  • Immortality: Cresseida is immortal as a result of her witch heritage.
  • Magic: Cresseida has inherent magical power that can be released in the form of the Yielding.[1]
  • Flight: Cresseida is capable of flight through riding her wyvern or on her ironteeth broom.



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