Clarisse DuVency is a renowned madame whose brothel caters to the rich of Rifthold.


The Assassin's Blade

The Assassin and the Underworld

During a tense encounter between Celaena and Lysandra, the courtesan boasts of her upcoming Bidding, mentioning that Clarisse expected it to break all records.

The Madam herself later visits the Assassin's Keep for a luncheon with Arobynn, giving Celaena a curt nod as she passes.

Queen of Shadows

After Arobynn's death Clarisse attends the reading of his will, and is outraged when she finds out that he left her nothing but a few coins. She leaves with Lysandra, who later states that the Madam fumed the whole way back to the brothel.

Having anticipated receiving a large sum from Arobynn, Clarisse is left in debt as she had already made some large purchases. In order to pay them off and make up for her lost fortune, she raises the amount owed to her by all of her workers, effectively trapping them in her service for life.

Aelin later pays off Lysandra and Evangeline's amounts, freeing them.


As the Madam of a high-end brothel, Clarisse is not afraid to take advantage of others' misfortunes. She frequently recruits prostitutes by picking up the poor and destitute, especially homeless orphans. Because of the revenue her business generates, Clarisse enjoys a life of luxury; she also appears to be greedy, as she becomes enraged when she discovers that Arobynn Hamel left nothing to her in his will and seeks to make up for it by raising all the brothel-workers' debts.

Physical description

Clarisse has golden hair and is said to be aging gracefully for a woman in her fourties.



  • Madame Clarisse's sigil is a snake in midnight ink, which is tattooed on the wrist of every courtesan working for her.
    • This is done with permanent ink that even stays on a Shape-shifter.
  • Madame Clarisse owns a handkerchief made of Spidersilk that was given to her by an extraordinarily wealthy client.[1]


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