Clarisse DuVency is a renowned madame whose brothel caters to the rich of Rifthold.


Clarisse has golden hair and is said to be aging gracefully for a woman in her fourties.


As the Madam of a high-end brothel, Clarisse is not afraid to take advantage of others' misfortunes. She frequently recruits prostitutes by picking up the poor and destitute, especially homeless orphans. Because of the revenue her business generates, Clarisse enjoys a life of luxury; she also appears to be greedy, as she becomes enraged when she discovers that Arobynn Hamel left nothing to her in his will.


Queen of Shadows

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  • Madame Clarisse's sigil is a snake in midnight ink, which is tattooed on the wrist of every courtesan working for her.
  • Madame Clarisse owns a handkerchief made of Spidersilk that was given her by an extraordinary wealthy client.
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