There’s no way of telling until you try. And the bond is so rare that the majority of Fae never meet someone who is compatible, or whom they trust enough to test it out. There’s always a threat that they could take too much—and if they’re unskilled, they could shatter your mind. Or you could both burn out completely.

–Rowan Whitethorn

Carranam refers to a bond between two Fae . It allows the Fae to share their magic, which is a strong advantage in battle, and to communicate almost telepathically. Like with the mating bond, the carranam bond does not require any involvement on either's parts in the creation of the bond, but the bonded Fae will be aware of the change and aware when the bond is 'used'.

The bond is very similar to the mating bond. Maeve, while revealing that Aelin and Rowan are mates, remarks that Rowan guessed about being Aelin's mate but he became less suspicious when they [Aelin and Rowan] became carranam. We know it is therefore possible for Fae to be both mates and carranam.


The carranam bond is an extremely powerful one, but rare; very few Fae ever find someone with whom they are compatible, as it is both rare and dangerous as well. Most never find someone they trust enough to test it with, because of the risks attached; an unskilled partner could unwittingly take too much power and drive the other mad, or cause them both to burn out.[1]


The exact origins of the bond are unknown, but there are many dark legends attached to it. In the past, unsavory Fae were known to imprison or enslave their carranam—who they thought were just coincidentally compatible—in order to make themselves more powerful and win battles. However, this never worked out well for either party involved, and the practice of forced bonding was outlawed in Doranelle.

In order to enforce the law, Maeve was known to send her Cadre on missions to free enslaved carranam. These poor individuals were often completely mentally broken, and death was the only mercy available to them.[1]

In the series

The carranam bond is first seen in action when Aelin and Rowan are fighting in Heir of Fire. It is seen again in Empire of Storms aboard Rolfe's ship, again with Aelin and Rowan. Aelin and Rowan also use the bond to 'speak' to each other frequently throughout Queen of Shadows.

Known carranam


  • Similarities between Throne of Glass's Carranam and the Shadowhunter Chronicles parabatai can be seen. Both are powerful, magical bonds; both are between warriors of sorts (whether that be Fae or Nephilim) and both allow the bonded to share power/strength.
  • Carranam is derived from the Gaelic Mon aram cara which translates roughly to 'soulmate'.
  • Carranam can communicate telepathically.[2]


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