Captain Rolfe, also known as the Pirate Lord, is a notorious pirate who rules Skull's Bay.


Rolfe is a tall, dark-haired, tan-skinned man with sea-green eyes. According to Celaena, he is "lean but not wiry". He dresses neatly without being extravagant. On his hands a map of the oceans that changes to show storms, foes, and treasure is tattooed in black, blue, and green.


Rolfe is cunning, prideful, and driven. Beneath his exterior, however, Rolfe, appears to have a scrap of compunction over his slave trading in regards to children.


At least eight years prior to The Assassin's Blade, Rolfe sold his soul to have a map of the world's oceans that changed to show storms, foes, and treasure tattooed onto his hands. After the disappearance of magic from Erilea, the map ceased to move. Presumably, now that magic has returned to Erilea, the map again changes.

The Assassin's Blade

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord

Sam Cortland and Celaena Sardothien travel to Skull's Bay as emissaries for Arobynn Hamel, believing that they will be demanding compensation for the deaths of three Assassins' Guild assassins. Rolfe arrives in his office; Celaena irks him by sitting in his chair.

Celaena begins to accuse him of involvement with the attack that killed Ben, but Rolfe provides evidence to the contrary. After being presented with Arobynn's note, he reads it and reveals that there will be no gold paid to them, and that the letter instead discusses a slave trade deal between himself and Arobynn.

Heir of Fire

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Empire of Storms