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Calaculla was a slave labor camp in Eyllwe and the sister camp to Endovier. It was located in a scorching desert.


Like Endovier, Calaculla was a camp where enemies of Adarlan were sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor. It reportedly housed thousands of slaves, mostly rebels of Eyllwe, well beyond its capacity. Calaculla was allegedly much worse than Endovier, with its prisoners never lasting more than a few months.


Calaculla was presumably founded as a result of Adarlan's conquest of the east and south.

Ten years into Adarlan's rule, Princess Nehemia Ytger traveled to Rifthold with the agenda of getting Calaculla shut down. The council of Adarlan was not interested in shutting it down, but rather wished to expand it to accommodate more slaves who could begin mining iron beyond the camp's current borders.

Nehemia's presence in Rifthold gave hope to the slaves in Calaculla, who felt that they only needed to hold on a little longer until she found a way to help them. Unfortunately, Nehemia was killed a few months into her stay in the capital, and when news reached the slaves in Calaculla, a young nameless slave girl turned on her overseer and killed him, sparking an uprising. The uprising grew into a full rebellion that was brutally put down by two Adarlanian legions, who killed every slave in Calaculla in retribution.[1]

After the slave massacre, two more legions were sent to Endovier to do the same, lest the Calaculla uprising inspire similar rebellion in the salt mine.[1]

When Dorian Havilliard destroyed the Glass Palace in Rifthold and killed his father, Aelin Galathynius, acting as a temporary regent, declared that all slaves were now freed and closed all slave labor camps.[2]


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