Lord Cal Lochan is the late Lord of Perranth, husband of Marion and father of Elide Lochan. He was killed by the Adarlanians during the conquest of Terrasen.


Cal Lochan was the Lord of Perranth before the conquest of Terrasen. 8 years before the assassination of the royal family, Cal Lochan returned to the palace in Orynth after a rotation on the southern border. He began frequenting the laundry rooms quite often, taking any opportunity to ask Marion how to get stains out of his clothes. He eventually asked her to marry him, and made her the lady of Perranth. Two years later, she bore him a daughter, Elide, who became his heir.

When Terrasen's fall began, Cal charged his brother Vernon with Elide's care and left for Orynth himself. After Marion was killed protecting Aelin, the King of Adarlan branded Cal as a traitor. Cal rebelled against Adarlan's rule for a few months before he was caught and executed.

Physical description

Cal was described as being warm and handsome with broad-shoulders.



  • The first gift Cal gave Marion was an ivory comb.
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