Bronwen Vanora-Crochan is a Crochan Witch, the cousin of Manon Blackbeak and Rhiannon Crochan II.


Bronwen is the leader of the Vanora hearth clan of Crochan Witches. She grew up with her cousin Rhiannon and considered her a sister. She carries an old craved horn that belonged to her ancestor Telyn Vanora, who sent out the call to warn the Crochan’s after the last Queen fell in battle.

Kingdom of Ash

At the Battle of Orynth, Bronwen stands near Manon and Glennis on the battlement walls and uses a carved horn that is cracked and browned with age, the symbols carved into fit so worn they're barely visible. At Manon's curious stare she explains the history of the horn. She tells Manon that it's her "honor to blow this horn again today. Not to warn out people, but to rally them." She continues by saying that the fallen witches of the past are with them today.


Bronwen is initially very hostile to Manon and her Thirteen but after Manon defeats the Ironteeth Matrons she is one of the first to name her the new Crochan Queen.

Bronwen is loyal to her coven and dedicated to protecting them.

Physical Description

Bronwen has black hair and brown eyes. Her facial features are very similar to Manon’s.

Skills and Abilities

  • Immortality: Bronwen is immortal as a result of her witch heritage.
  • Flight: Bronwen is capable of flight through riding her broom.
  • Battle prowess: Crochans are trained rigorously to become skilled warriors.
  • Magic: Bronwen has inherent magical abilities as a result of her Crochan heritage. Her magic allows her to do things such as create a glamour for her camp.


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