Briar Blackbeak was an Ironteeth Witch of the Blackbeak Clan and a member of The Thirteen. She and her cousin Edda Blackbeak were Manon Blackbeak's Shadows.


Heir of Fire

Briar is with the rest of the Thirteen when they train with other Ironteeth Witches in the Ferian Gap for the War Games. She serves as a Shadow for Manon in an attempt to gain information about the death of Baba Yellowlegs, but comes back empty. Her and Edda also tail the Yellowlegs in the Dining Hall. She is with the Thirteen when Roland Havilliard breaks into their meeting and starts harming the others. Manon looks on in horror at the effect that Roland's Valg powers have on those among her Thirteen without golden eyes, included her Shadows, who fall to their knees and vomit. Roland is swiftly killed.

The Shadows then spend the majority of their time at Morath spying around the castle, trying to find out what Duke Perrington has going on in the depths of the mountain stronghold.

Queen of Shadows

The Shadows continue searching for information, but are unable to infiltrate the lower levels.

They later go with the Thirteen to meet the King of Adarlan, and also fight against ChaolRowan, and Aelin.

Empire of Storms

Briar is with the host of Ironteeth witches who sack Rifthold at the beginning of the novel. When the Thirteen escape Morath, Briar stays back with Edda to help Manon escape. They take off, with six Yellowlegs witches tailing close behind. They split into twos to divide the followers. Manon and two of her Thirteen end up killing their pursuers by flying through a narrow rocky pass the Thirteen had practiced in but the Yellowlegs’ wyverns can’t navigate.

Briar reunites with Manon three months later when the Thirteen come to the aid of Aelin's forces in a battle against Maeve's Armada.

Kingdom of Ash

Briar remains a loyal follower to Manon, helping her find the Crochans. While searching the mountains, Edda allows her hair to grow back in its natural color because it blends in with the surrounding landscape, but Briar keeps the dye, arguing that one of the Shadows has to be able to blend in at night. Her and Edda continue to spy for Manon during her stay with the Crochans, scouting for Ironteeth patrols. When the Thirteen meet up with Aelin the cousins take part in the final battle for Orynth. Briar and the Thirteen sacrifice themselves to stop the Witch Tower from destroying Orynth, charging directly at the Tower and the Ironteeth guarding it to clear a path for Asterin to kill the Blackbeak Matron. Briar and Edda go down with the rest of the coven, shooting arrows at the enemy, and performs the Yielding, destroying the Tower and a large swath of the army around it.

When Briar takes part in the Yielding, she explodes into light instead of darkness like normal witches.

Personality and traits

Like her cousin Edda, Briar rarely spoke, never laughed and sometimes even Asterin herself couldn't detect her until she was at her throat. Both the Shadows were raised in darkness and trained to blend into any sliver of darkness and listen. Briar's only show of humor was when she snuck up on coven members and frightened them for fun.

Physical description

Briar was youthful and beautiful in appearance. Like her distant cousin Manon, she had naturally silver-white hair. However, she and Edda dyed their hair black to blend in better with the shadows. Her eyes were blue, unlike most Blackbeaks.

Skills and abilities

  • Ironteeth physiology: As an Ironteeth witch Briar possessed sharp, retractable iron teeth and nails.
  • Immortality: Briar was immortal as a result of her witch heritage.
  • Magic: Briar had inherent magical power that could be released in the form of the Yielding.[1]
  • Flight: Briar was capable of flight through riding her wyvern.



Despite being only cousins, Briar and Edda were as close as sisters. They grew up and trained together, and were seldom seen apart.



  • Briar's wyvern was large and black, having been chosen for its suitability to covert missions and spying.


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