Magic is no easy gift in any form, yet fire...We burn not just within our magic, but also in our very souls. For better or worse.

Brannon Galathynius was a Fae King and founder of Terrasen, ancestor to Aelin Galathynius and Dorian Havilliard. Originally a bastard born in Wendlyn about two thousand years before the beginning of the novels, he fought the Valg with Maeve in Wendlyn before emigrating West.

Brannon was blessed with the gift of fire magic by the goddess Mala Fire-Bringer. His daughter, the half Fae Elena, founded House Havilliard with her mate, Gavin, after defeating Erawan a thousand years before the beginning of the novels.


Little is known about Brannon's childhood, but it is known he grew up a bastard in Wendlyn approximately two thousand years ago before he caught the eye of Mala Fire-Bringer, who blessed him with the power to summon and manipulate fire. He was a formidable warrior, having fought the Valg with Maeve in Wendlyn before sailing west to Terrasen. Believing Maeve's intentions for the Wyrdkeys were far more dark than she let on, he took them with him along with the sacred Sun Stags from Mala's temple in Wendlyn, destroying it so no one could trace his footsteps. At some point, a temple sprung up around the rock he allegedly first stepped on when he reached Terrasen's coast in the ancient port city of Ilium.

More of his history is revealed when his ghost makes an appearance to Aelin Galathynius after she takes back his temple in Ilium. He implores her to find the mysterious Lock in the Stone Marshes before vanishing. In Skull's Bay, the ghost of Elena Havilliard reveals that Mala Fire-Bringer was actually Brannon's mate, having forsaken her immortality to live a mortal life with him, bearing him several children, including Elena herself. She cast all of her life force and power into a Lock which Brannon forged to seal the Wyrdkeys into the Wyrdgate and banish Erawan and the other gods and goddesses to their home realm. Only Elena stole the Lock to seal Erawan in his dark tomb beneath Morath. The Lock then became known as the Eye of Elena, its true history lost to time.

When she steps into the witch mirror made by Elena and Rhiannon Crochan, Aelin witnesses much of Brannon's history; Brannon sobbing over Elena's tomb, forging the Amulet of Orynth and concealing the first key inside and slipping the second into the crown of Elena's sarcophagus. He then takes the final Wyrdkey to Mala's temple, an island at the heart of a burning molten river, where he hides it beneath a flagstone, at last walking into the molten river, never to emerge again.[1]

Physical description

Brannon is described as handsome, with broad features, shoulder length red-gold hair and "brandy" coloured eyes.[1]

As Fae, Brannon also had slightly pointed ears and canines. It is unknown whether he had a secondary form or not.

Personality and traits

Brannon was a brave and fair man. His childhood on the streets of Wendlyn shaped him into a compassionate leader capable of rallying people to fight behind him, and most likely gave him unique insight that helped him in his time as king of Terrasen. Brannon was also very cunning, with a dry sense of humour that bordered on dark. Having lived through both Valg wars affected his mindset greatly, and by the end of his life he was a lonely man living with the grief of losing all that he loved.

Skills and abilities

Brannon was an exceptionally skilled warrior, but by far his most well-known ability was his fire magic. Blessed by Mala, one of the gods, Brannon was feared for his power but never used it for ill gain, and had absolute control over the flame. He was presumably much more powerful than Aelin Galathynius.

As a Fae, Brannon would also have had heightened senses and supernatural strength, speed and grace.



Brannon loved his daughter very much. When she chose to give up her immortality for Gavin Havilliard, Brannon was heartbroken at the thought of losing her and her mother both. Unfortunately, the two of them had a falling out after Elena misused the Lock, arguing in Orynth which led to Elena leaving. Brannon never saw his daughter again until after she had died, when he held her body and wept, knowing that she was lost to him forever because of the gods' curse that she would never go to the afterlife.



  • When Brannon set foot on Erilea, legend says the kingsflame bloomed from the point where he stood as proof of the peace he brought.
  • Brannon hated Gavin Havilliard, only tolerating him because Elena loved him.
  • Brannon gifted the Crochan Witches their kingdom, as well as the sacred flame they carried even after their kingdom was destroyed.
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