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Borte is Sartaq's hearth-sister and the granddaughter of Houlun. She is part of the Eridun Clan.

Borte was first introduced in Tower of Dawn when Nesryn and Sartaq go to the rukhin for information on the Valg and Erawan.


Early Life

Borte was named after the first Khagan's wife.

Borte first met Yeran during a competition between the clans in which they were the two remaining contestants at the end. They were both close to the finish when Yeran attempted to cheat, but Borte saw this coming and dodged it, winning fair and square. She won the rest of the competitions from then on, and during her third competition, she was seen arguing with Yeran beforehand. Afterwards, Yeran's father announced her engagement to his son, which she remains unhappy about, as she hates him.

Tower of Dawn

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Borte first appears when Sartaq takes Nesryn to the Eridun aerie in the Tavan Mountains. Borte makes a good impression on Nesryn, who likes her brash nature right away.

Borte goes with Sartaq and Nesryn when they scout out the ruined watchtowers, trying to find information about the Valg and the kharankui. She accompanies them on all their scouting trips, including to the Dagul Fells where they find Falkan Ennar, the shapeshifter and take him back to the aerie to recover. While waiting for him to heal frim his injuries, Borte and the others continue to scout out Dagul Fells and are found by Yeran and his small group of ruk riders; Borte and Yeran exchange insults while Nesryn looks on in shock. When Yeran leaves, Borte scowls after him.

Despite her alleged dislike of him, Borte later sends him a message saying that they are going on a dangerous message to the Dagul Fells. The mission takes a turn when her group is attacked by kharankui, and they sustain injuries until Yeran arrives with some rukhin from the Berlad Clan and saves them. Borte sticks close to him on their flight back to Eridun, and defends her decision to tell him of the mission to Houlun, who is angry that she revealed the information to someone outside their Clan.

She then listens along with the rest of their group when they learn of Maeve's identity as a Valg Queen.

Borte later flies to Antica with the rest of the rukhin, and sails with Chaol Westfall and Yrene Towers to the northern continent.

Kingdom of Ash

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Borte is fun and care-free. She loves flying on her ruk Arcas and with other ruk riders in the sky. While Borte is fun-loving, she is also a fierce and dedicated warrior and displays admirable loyalty to her clan. She is in love with Yeran, although she attempts to deny this.

Physical Description

Borte is a young woman with golden-brown skin and onyx hair that she wears in twin braids that fall past her waist.[1]

Yeran and Borte.jpg

Skills and Abilities

As heir to the Eridun Clan Borte has been trained in combat and strategy in order to succeed her grandmother as hearth-mother.[1] She is a skilled ruk rider and capable of fighting on the back of her ruk Arcas.[2]



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