The Blackbeak Clan is one of the three Ironteeth Witch Clans who follow the mantra of “Obedience, Discipline, Brutality.”

Its Matron was the Blackbeak Matron, mother to Lothian Blackbeak and grandmother to Manon Blackbeak. Manon was the heir to the Blackbeak Clan until she defied her grandmother and was cast out. After Manon was crowned Queen of all Witches she presumably became the defacto leader of the Clan.


The Blackbeak Clan was founded by an unknown Ironteeth witch more than a thousand years ago. Five hundred years ago, the Blackbeaks united with the other two Ironteeth clans to form the Ironteeth Alliance and went on to attack the Witch Kingdom, intending to depose and destroy House Crochan and take over the kingdom for the Ironteeth to rule. The Ironteeth were victorious, but were denied the Witch Kingdom through a curse placed on the land by the last Crochan Queen. The Ironteeth Matrons disregarded the curse and attempted to make a home on the cursed lands; after two months they could no longer deny the curse was real and ordered the clans to disperse.

The Blackbeaks became nomadic travelers lkke the other clans, and with the Alliance ended took on a new task: hunting down Crochans to find one that could break the curse. The Matron had a daughter at some point, Lothian, who was presumably the heir to the clan until her mother killed her shortly after giving birth to her child, as she told her that the child's father was a Crochan. Lothian's daughter, Manon, went on to be raised by her grandmother to be as vicious as any Ironteeth witch, becoming the heir to the clan.

Shortly before the second Valg war the Blackbeaks, along with the other clans, allied with Morath to fight with Erawan. They were given wyverns to ride instead of brooms, and trained to be aerial cavalry. When Erawan requested members of the Blackbeaks be used to breed with Valg, Manon, now grown, disagreed. Tensions between her and her grandmother built until they eventually fought, with Manon trying to save her coven member Asterin from execution. Her grandmother easily defeated her and Manon was stripped of her role as heir before going into hiding.

The clan continued to fight beside the Valg when the war started. Manon later returned to ask them to fight against Erawan and her grandmother. When the Matron was killed during the Battle of Orynth, the clan switched sides and after the war ended, returned to the Witch Kingdom to rebuild.[1]


Lkke the other Ironteeth Clans, the Blackbeaks were ruled by a Matron. As each Clan Matron was meant to embody one aspect of the Three-Faced Goddess, the Blackbeak Matron was the "mother", being a witch in her prime.

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