The Berlad Clan is a Rukhin clan from the Tavan Mountains of the southern continent. The ruk rider Yeran is captain of the clan, and betrothed to Borte of the Eridun Clan.


During Sartaq and Nesryn Faliq's journey through the Tavan Mountains, gathering allies, the Berlad are one of the clans the prince visits. They are distinctly aloof towards their visitors, not inviting them to stay longer than necessary nor offering them any refreshments or feasts.

The Berlad later spot Sartaq and his companions staking out one of the watchtower ruins while searching for hatchlings gone missing from their aerie. The group, led by Yeran, lands their ruks nearby while the captain questions the prince, to Borte's annoyance. Sartaq warns Yeran not to scout any farther into the Dagul Fells, as the kharankui are stirring. Yeran grudgingly accepts this as truth and mounts his ruk to fly away, acknowledging Sartaq's command to the Berlad to keep their hatchlings and children close. He departs with his scouting party.

Borte later alerts Yeran that she is going on a dangerous mission to the Dagul Fells with Sartaq and her friends. He musters a force of ruk riders and flies to the Fells, arriving just in time to save Borte and her companions from the kharankui. On the way back to the Eridun aerie his riders return to the Berlad aerie while he continues on with Borte. Back at the Eridun aerie, Sartaq thanks Yeran and acknowledges his clan's bravery in dealing with the kharankui. After this, Yeran convinces his hearth-mother to let the Berlad attend the Council of Clans, which they do. Sartaq explains the situation in the north, and rallies the clans to fly to Antica, where they camp before boarding ships to trave to Erilea.[1]

Once in the northern continent the Berlad presumably join the army of rukhin who act as scouts, and later aerial fighters in the war against Erawan, taking part in battles ranging from Anielle to Orynth. After the war ends the rukhin clans return home to the southern continent, with a few ruk riders staying behind to raise wyvern eggs found in Adarlan. It is unknown if any of the Berlad are among them.[2]


  • The Berlad Clan have immaculately clean caves and finely trained warriors.[1]


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