Benzo Doneval was one of Aelin Galathynius's contracts during her time as Celaena Sardothien.


At an unknown point, Doneval met and married Leighfer Bardingale. Some years later, following his divorce from Leighfer, he travelled to Rifthold to meet some people and blackmail them into supporting the slave trade in Melisande. Leighfer hired the Assassin's Guild to kill him, and Celaena Sardothien was chosen by Arobynn Hamel to complete the contract. She stalked him for days, and was even captured by his guards at one point, though she successfully killed him in the end, during a meeting with his contact; she hid in a closet while they spoke and sprung from her hiding place to stab Doneval in the throat. To her horror, she later realised that he had in fact been trying to help escaped slaves and his ex-wife ordered him killed because she stood to profit from the slave trade.[1]


Doneval had licentious tendencies and frequented brothels. In spite of his philandering, Doneval had a kinder side to him, as he risked his life to help set up a system of safe houses for runaway slaves. Philip also stated that Doneval was loyal to his country.

Physical description

Benzo was tall and middle-aged, with pale blond hair and tan skin. He was not particularly handsome, but not an eyesore, either, and not heavy, but not toned.



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