Do you know how many young women I've trapped in this wagon in the past five hundred years? How many Crochan Witches I destroyed? They were warriors, too—such talented, beautiful warriors. They tasted like summer grass and cool water.

–Baba Yellowlegs to Celaena - Crown of Midnight

Baba Yellowlegs was an Ironteeth Witch and former Matron of the Yellowlegs Clan, claiming to be the last witch born in the Witch Kingdom.


Baba Yellowlegs was, according to her, the last witch born in the Witch Kingdom. She fought in the war with the Crochan Witches 500 years before Throne of Glass, earning fame among the Ironteeth for helping to pull down the walls of the Witch-City herself.[1]

During the fall of the Witch Kingdom, Baba Yellowlegs struck down Rhiannon Crochan with her own hand, and stole her crown of stars which she wore from that moment on.[2]

Crown of Midnight

Celaena Sardothien, Dorian Havilliard and Chaol Westfall walk through the carnival being held in honor of Hollin Havilliard. They come across Baba Yellowlegs advertising fortune-telling, and she tries to coerce them into her wagon. Celaena stares at Yellowlegs, and Dorian notes her iron teeth. He recalls the legends of the fallen Witch Kingdom, and the curse that followed it. Yellowlegs mentions her name, and Dorian notices her ankles.

Celaena is visibly distressed to learn Yellowlegs' identity, and goes pale. She backs away from Yellowlegs after the witch confirms her identity. Chaol threatens the witch about lying, and Celaena tries to pull him away. Dorian urges them to leave, and Yellowlegs is amused at their reaction, taunting them about their fate.

Celaena also recalls the stories she had been told, and is horrified to learn they are true after feeling the magic surrounding Yellowlegs. The trio leave, and Celaena decides to bring Nehemia Ytger back next time to judge for herself whether Yellowlegs is real.

After discovering his magic, Dorian later returns to the carnival to find Yellowlegs and see what answers she can give him. He finds her eating lunch, and she tells him that the carnival is closed. Not recognising him, Yellowlegs agrees to tell his fortune for double pay.

He gives her four gold coins, and Yellowlegs assumes he is a lordling. He asks her if she is truly a witch, and she confirms it. Dorian asks her questions about magic, which she refuses to answer, but she does give him some information. After confirming that she doesn't know what happened to magic in Adarlan Dorian leaves, though he notes that Yellowlegs has a darkness in her eyes that makes him think she is older than she says.

Celaena later discovers the Wyrdkey riddle in Elena Havilliard's tomb and decides to ask Baba Yellowlegs if she can decipher the riddle. She finds Yellowlegs in the carnival by her wagon, smoking a bone pipe. Yellowlegs notes that Celaena smells like Terrasen, and asks her name. Celaena gives her alias.

Yellowlegs offers to tell Celaena's fortune, but she refuses and says she wants to talk to the witch instead. Yellowlegs grumbles about her gifts being undervalued, but calls Celaena back after she starts walking away. She reveals Dorian's visit, having known who he was all along, and offers to tell Celaena his secrets for seven gold pieces.

Celaena offers six instead, and Yellowlegs tells her to enter the caravan. Uneasy, Celaena does so and aks her questions. Yellowlegs immediately becomes interested after Celaena describes the riddle, and she tells Celaena about the Wyrdkeys, Wyrdgates and the Valg. After learning all she can about the Wyrdkeys and realising that the King of Adarlan must have one, Celaena then tells Yellowlegs to reveal who she told Dorian's secrets to, promising to let her live if she does. Yellowlegs, having anticipated this, sees through the lie and attacks Celaena, knocking her out.

Celaena wakes up seconds later, having been chained up. She quickly headbutts Yellowlegs and gets free, and the two fight. Celaena kills Yellowlegs by decapitating her with an ornamental ax.

Heir of Fire

The new Ironteeth Alliance in Morath are shocked to hear of Yellowlegs' death and hold a memorial for her. Manon Blackbeak is unmoved by the demise of the Matron, and studies her successor, who she notes resembles Baba quite a bit.

After Manon's grandmother tells her to be careful of the Yellowlegs witches, Manon brushes off her concerns; the Blackbeak Matron turns on Manon and states that Baba Yellowlegs was seven hundred years old, yet she was murdered in her own caravan. She tells Manon that even if she lives to be a thousand, she will never be half the witch Baba was.


Baba Yellowlegs was an old woman, bent and gnarled with age. She had a crown of stars and silver hair, and a tanned face that was saggy and speckled with brown eyes. She kept her iron teeth and nails extended permanently, and had saffron coloured ankles.


Baba Yellowlegs was a cruel and cunning witch who put on an act of harmlessnes to attract customers to her fortune-telling caravan. She pretended to be kind and old, but quickly became hostile and ill-tempered if customers refused. As with all Ironteeth Witches, she ate people. She was also very greedy, charging exorbitant amounts for her services.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ironteeth physiology: As an Ironteeth witch Baba Yellowlegs possessed sharp, retractable iron teeth and nails.
  • Immortality: Baba Yellowlegs was immortal as a result of her witch heritage.
  • Magic: Baba Yellowlegs had inherent magical power that could be released in the form of the Yielding.[2]
  • Clairvoyance: As one of the Ancients, Baba Yellowlegs was exceptionally more powerful than the average witch and was a seer, able to see into the future.



  • Baba Yellowlegs was an Ancient, and according to Manon was a seer who likely knew who Aelin was the moment they met.


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